3D printed dress brought new fashion to New York


“In Bloom” Dress

XYZ workshop made a breakthrough by participating in 3D fashion design based on their background in Architecture, after all the relationship between fashion and architecture is not too dissimilar. The “fabric” much like the “skin” of a building defined the space it inhabits around the user; create a personal microclimate. Fashion like architecture evokes the user’s senses of self-expression, culture, pride, comfort, and status.

The quintessential floral printed dress came as the first point of inspiration for them to call their 3D printed dress as “In Bloom”.

“We wanted to capture the intricacy what such a dress could be and push the boundaries of PLA as textile. Besides showcasing flexible PLA material as being rather delicate and lacelike, we set out with the goal to do two things. Firstly, We wanted to make a fully 100% 3D Printed piece that was not only wearable but had qualities of movement within it. Secondly, we were interested in showcasing that 3D Printed fashion was not something you can only achieve using complex 3 Dimensional modelling tools or limited to large expensive commercial 3D Printers.” said Kae Woei.

“In doing so, we believe we have successfully proven that 3D Printed fashion is not only accessible but also highly affordable. We believe we may have created the longest ever 100% fully 3D Printed gown using a personal desktop 3D Printer.”

The entire look of “In Bloom” measures a total of approximately 7 feet (2.1m) long and a total of 191 panels and took 450 hours and 25 minutes for printing, used 240m or 1.7kgs of 3mm Flexible Filament from Ultimaker. This is equivalent to approximately USD$103.50 worth of filament. It puts forth the question if one day, downloading and printing your own 3D fashion could be as easy as XYZ.

XYZ workshop, in corporation with Ultimaker, make In Bloom as an open source project and you can download it for free, I’m sure a 3D dress will be a perfect gift for your Valentine.

Links to download: In Bloom DressFlexible watch, Women’s clutch & Men’s Wallet

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“In Bloom” Dress by XYZ Workshop at 3D Printshow New York 2014



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3D printed dress brought new fashion to New York