Kinetic Blocks to revolutionize today’s assembly lines


Tangible Media Group have presented Kinetic Blocks, a technique that uses the underlying shape change to give kinetic ability to otherwise inanimate objects

Tangible Media Group, led by Professor Hiroshi Ishii, presented their latest innovation, Kinetic Blocks, a “pin-based shape display” that is able to turn digital information into a physical form. These blocks also possess  “inherent ability to accurately move and manipulate objects placed on top of them.” They can move, rotate, stack, and twist without any human intervention. All of that can be seen in a short video presentation made by the researchers at Tangible Media Group.

“We introduce special kinematic blocks that are actuated and sensed through the underlying pins. These blocks translate vertical pin movements into other degrees of freedom like rotation or horizontal movement. This interplay of the shape display with objects on its surface allows us to render otherwise inaccessible forms, like overhangs, and enables richer input and output” explains the company on its website.

Due to the fact that Kinetic Blocks let people build and change different 3D structures by the help of a computer program, the wizardry of the Kinetic Blocks has a big potential, especially for the manufacturing and industrial sectors – it can even replace today’s assembly lines.


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Kinetic Blocks to revolutionize today’s assembly lines