Pokemon Go – The phenomenon


The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo have given the example of how to create an app which everyone loves.

Augmented reality games are well valued by players, as they help the imagination, and make you walk. Pokémon Go added something new to the casual real world game. It not only encourages kids to walk, but also helps them to get to know their city, have some adventures, and above all interact with the characters they know so well.

Pokémon are mysterious creatures living in the Pokémon (now in ours too!) world. The brand name is the contraction of the words “pocket” and “monster”. In the games as well as in the anime, the goal is to train so as to become a Pokémon master, someone who has caught them all. In the anime, Ash, the main character, and his friends were traveling a lot, and so will the real-world players, who need to walk through many different and unexpected areas, catching every monster appearing on their screen. 


On your screen, you don’t see other players, just you and the creatures. And yet, plenty of players converge to the same Pokéstops to collect some items needed in the game. Shops, cafes, and malls quickly started to use the phenomenon with the aim to encourage people to stop by. Just publish a tip on the social media that some rare Pokemon will be available in your shop, and you will see a herd of potential customers coming in no time.

With the beginning of the TV series in 1999, Pokémon were very popular in Poland – every child watched the series on TV, saw Ash’s battles, struggles, and successes and wanted to become a Pokemon trainer as well. Unfortunately, for a long time, it wasn’t possible in the real world; the concept of smartphone sounded futuristic at the time.

Then our technology evolved -pun totally intended-, and the renown of the Pokémon franchise grew stronger and stronger. Based on the success of the animes and theater movies, mascots, action figures, costumes, gadgets, and many other byproducts for Pokémon freaks mushroomed in shops. Pokémon fever even brought the Pokémon Museum in Japan.

Now, with just a smartphone, you can finally train Pokémon yourself. If you are already an adult, but still like to remember the little creatures from your childhood, you can bring them to your reality, by simply downloading and installing the app, choosing your character and starting to look around for Pokémon. The game is very simple to use and pretty exciting; just in case you are not yet part of the millions of Pokémon trainers, now is the time to pick your team and catch them all.


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Pokemon Go - The phenomenon