Qualcomm will put an end to this nightmare

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Do you find remembering passwords a nightmare? You may not to worry about it anymore.

As frontier technologies are continuing to be welded into our daily activities, it is clear that old security methods are not sufficient to keep the data safe. We can no longer rely on passwords or pattern locks and it seems that the only way to prevent viruses or hackers is to encrypt your data. Thankfully, Qualcomm, a chip marketing company, is said to be launching a new biometric products that will provide an extra layer of security to whatever needs protecting.

Generally, biometric authentication is the verification of a user identity by means of behavioral characteristic or physical trait that cannot easily be imitated. A number of biometric methods have been already introduced, and these include: fingerprint recognition, eye scans, voice recognition and typing patterns, but few have gained wide acceptance.

Qualcomm promises to revolutionize the market. The company has developed a  new fingerprint authorization method that will allow to read fingerprints through plastic, glass and some metal. That is a huge improvement over current fingerprint authentication methods, as it can read deep within the skin thus being very precise. The new technology will be used in smartphones, laptops, watches, cars and gaming consoles and is expected to quickly gain popularity.


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Qualcomm will put an end to this nightmare