Startup’s guide to crazy job titles


Surpassable Party Genius, Big Deal Maintenance Specialist, Chief Symbian Captain, Hard Core HTML Captain and Global Java Godfather are only a few crazy startup job title generated by StartupJobGenerator.

If you are too tired of walking all day, chasing Pokemon, and your badass startup’s business plan couldn’t be better than that, how about shaking up your stodgy job title to something way cooler? Something like Unrivaled Cloud Writer, Chief Rock Star, Key White Space Intern, Chief Imagineer or White Space Intern.

Of course, if you are one of those startups that are already too cool for a job title, you are Zen, you can totally skip this. There’s no CEO, CFO, Secretary or anything else starting with a C. Just Jack, Paul, Alex and Mary.


Good on these startups for reinventing job titles. Our world doesn’t need more Chief Executive Officer, Project Officers, Executive Assistants, Editors, and other boring job titles. Or the Downton Abbey like companies with their silly military-style hierarchies where job titles show rank and status.

As being cool is the most important part of being a startuper and rigid job titles are the antithesis of innovation, creativity, collaboration and adaptability in the digital economy, you have to do something about it.

How to find all these titles without going to any trouble? All you have to do is go to and find your cool job title. Just remember if you become the Chief Rock Star, you don’t have to start taking cocaine at work and tattooing your face, or cavorts with office groupies. Just be happy with your new cool title and go out because you gotta catch’em all.


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Startup's guide to crazy job titles