YouTube has turned 10


Happy Birthday!

History was made on Saturday 23rd of April 2005, when “Me at The Zoo” was uploaded to a new site no one had ever heard of.

Few days later, in May 2005, YouTube launched in beta before becoming available to the wider public six months later. A decade later, the company devotes the entire of May 2015 to celebrating creativity and self-expression with A-Z videos that feature 18 different filmmaking styles and capture 10 years of YouTube.

“Ten years have now passed, and that site has grown to become not just the biggest video platform on the web—a community of more than one billion people, where hundreds of millions of hours of video are watched and billions of views are generated every day —but one of the largest and most diverse collections of self-expression in history.” we can read in YouTube official blog.


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YouTube has turned 10