8 Tools for Viral Visibility on LinkedIn by Artur Kurasiński


The post was originally published in Polish on Artur’s LinkedIn profile. Artur kindly agreed that we repost what we think is of great value to our readers.

Do you want to create viral posts and increase your visibility on LinkedIn? Check out 8 AI tools that will change the way you work on the platform:

  1. Kleo – A plugin that allows you to find viral posts and analyze the content strategies of the most effective creators. It’s like Twemex for LinkedIn. In addition, it has the option of formatting posts or previewing content on different devices.
  2. AuthoredUp – This tool allows you to use a word processor, manage drafts, and schedule your posts in a calendar. This tool is perfect for those who want to manage their LinkedIn content effectively.
  3. Taplio – Powered by GPT-4, it will allow you to discover viral content, create your post based on it, and set a publication at a selected time.
  4. Crystal – This tool analyzes the LinkedIn profile and provides communication recommendations. This allows you to tailor your content to different communication styles, which will increase your engagement and reach.
  5. Inlytics – Want to know the statistics of your posts and native data from LinkedIn is not enough? Inlytics provides information about views, reactions, comments, and engagement. In addition, you will get recommendations on how to improve your profile.
  6. Careerflow – The Chrome plugin provides keyword suggestions and tips to make your profile attractive to recruiters. Check out the profile assessment feature or the AI-powered cover letter generator.
  7. Easygen – An AI-powered plugin that will help you generate relevant and interesting content to grab your network’s attention. You can generate 3 posts as part of testing. Currently, the tool is only available in English.
  8. Contentdrips – Want to create visuals to make your posts stand out? The tool has a variety of templates available that you can use right away. It automatically applies your profile style and allows you to turn text into a visual. In addition, you can schedule posts.

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