Agile character is the key to the success of startups – Q&A with the finalist of the Vestbee event


In April, ITKeyMedia had the opportunity to be the media partner of CEE Startup Challenge II. Selected companies attending this challenge were given a chance to have a quick coverage on our portal. We present to you today – Proworx Digital – a company with a key focus on supporting marketing and boosting businesses by assisting in the communication area.

Marketing automation has been touted as a panacea for all the inefficiencies of marketing efforts executed ‘manually’. We’ve tried to find out reasons behind that from a startup that is steadily growing in this field — Hungarian company Proworx.

Szabolcs Timku – COO Business Development Director: Proworx Digital was founded as a spin-off startup company of Createam Advertising Group by Domonkos Pichovszky at the end of 2018 with the aim to establish a new vision for sales and marketing automation platforms – mainly focusing on sales support marketing and business boost. (…) Large enterprise portal management solutions do not have the adequate feature set and therefore are not capable of managing tactical sales support marketing and other consumer-based, partner-based campaigns. (…) Proworx’s Starpage™ is an online marketing microsite engine focused on b2b2c interaction. By accessing the cloud platform from a browser, with profile registration, you can launch a full-fledged marketing campaign in just 15 minutes with simple MS Office-level computing skills that will further manage your entire campaign on an interactive, subdomain page.

Some of the processes needed for creating portal solutions require considerable time to develop, as we learned from Mr. Szabolcs Timku. That’s why they decided to offer a platform that specializes in providing automated solutions in the area of – Consumer interaction on the enterprise market where building a GDPR-proof database is the key target resulting in intense and continuous campaign activity. In such a specific niche, Proworx doesn’t seem to have any direct competitors in the 10 countries in Europe (CEE, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) as we learned from Mr. Timku.

The main inspirations that are becoming the goal of the product that the company is developing (Starpage) are becoming the market leader in the digital sales support marketing platform. As well as for B2B and B2B2C clients in the CEE region as well in the more international perspective.

The company already has strong visibility on the market. They were present at the Düsseldorf Startup Week (April 2019), Digihub Meetup in Krefeld (Autumn 2019), gained a place in the first 10th of BeSmart competition in Hungary and also entered Design Terminal V4 Startup Force and Mentoring Programme. The company was already invited twice to the Wolves Summit in Warsaw. But the company wants to keep their main focus on the roots of the whole product – which has to be as simple and as effective as possible.

On the other hand, we would like to keep our agile character: we try to avoid the trap of becoming over sophisticated, rigid or obsolete which is very often the case of major CMS platforms – Szabolcs Timku.

But the company is not only getting positive reviews and winning challenges at various events. They also have some pleased clients, which will probably use their platform in the future. The biggest client till this date was Procter and Gamble who decided to move all Hungarian Consumer promotion activities to the Starpage platform in 2019. Proworx Digital convinced them that using their product is faster, more secure, and costs a lot less than the approach of microsite P&G had in the past decade. Other clients include MKB Bank, Aldi, Euro Family, Ferrero, and MAV.

As we learned from Mr. Timku, the company has some big plans for the following months. We would be supposed to launch AI-based proof of purchase processing automation platform extension in Q2 but obviously, the outbreak has overwritten a lot of plans & pipelines. We are convinced that the current situation can be a moment of truth – the real agile startup can adapt much faster than the big corporation and can prove the reason to believe. We hope that we are one of the rare ones. (…) Our company developed a new module of our existing Starpage microsite engine which allows for all kind of occasional regular Visitor to register & fill out a COVID-19 questionnaire online using his/her handheld device. No physical contact, no waiting time – all data secured & digital – as Mr. Szabolcs Timku said during Q&A.


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