Best VR and AR projects at the European VR / AR Congress


The largest conference devoted to using the technology of virtual and augmented reality in medicine, architecture, marketing, and entertainment will be held in Warsaw on 23-24 November. There will also be a presentation of the latest VR / AR production and equipment.

During the European VR / AR Congress, experts will discuss the use of these groundbreaking technologies, for example in training of surgeons, healing strabismus, and cardiac surgery. They will also explain how to reach markets with VR and AR-based productions and how to bring them more deeply into storytelling. There will also be talks about the future of these technologies and the discussion about which of them – VR or AR – will rule.

The EXPO is an integral part of the Congress. Manufacturers of VR / AR equipment and applications will present their latest productions. This time you will see, among other things, how the future of vocational training will look like – the production is made by VR Factory. Bartender VR Simulator is the world’s first virtual bartender simulator created in cooperation with six-time awarded the best bartender Tomasz Małek.

At the EXPO area also will be presented AR technology. The company Spectral Games proves that thanks to AR even layman can become a mechanic, eg replace the broken part in the motorcycle.

At the Lenovo booth, you will be able to see the goggles of this company for extended reality and test the game Star Wars: Jedi Challenges – a new AR experience on the Star Wars theme.

SONY will also show PlayStation 4’s Gran Tourismo Sports game which had the premiere in October.

The fields in which VR and AR increasingly find new applications are architecture and construction. These technologies become an element of customer collaboration, design and operational work at various stages of the project lifecycle. At the European VR / AR Congress SKANSKA will present the first Polish visualization of Generation Park’s Hololens technology. Guests will also be able to test how they can conduct the training of information or exams in virtual reality  (HTC Vive) and take a walk around the building and interiors (HTC Vive + Enscape).

In the event of such innovative technologies, a special place is dedicated for startups – young companies operating in the VR / AR industry. Their representatives will also present their projects at the Startup Expo. During special workshops, they will also be able to learn how to professionally prepare a business pitching – the short and attractive way to present. Immediately after that, they will test this knowledge in practice and will seek funding during business – dating, a series of fast meetings with potential investors. In that part, some of the most interesting startups will be chosen and then, on the second day, they will challenge to top the stage for the title of the best one.

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