CircuitMess’ STEM EdTech Won the Great Pitch Contest at the Wolves Summit 2023 Wrocław

  • The Great Pitch Contest for startups was among the biggest highlights of the Wolves Summit 2023 Wrocław
  • 10 startups from various verticals were chosen to compete for the main prize
  • The final winner is German deepEye and its AI-powered blindness prevention

On May 25th, on the final day of the three-day Wolves Summit 2023 at the Wrocław Congress Center, the winning startups from ten verticals got to pitch before the jury at the Great Pitch Contest and compete for the main prizes from the Summit’s partners: Antler, Look AI Ventures, HubSpot, and Disraptors.

The winning pitches looked as follows:


Viktor Gauk, CFO at OroraTech

The German OroraTech came third. This startup provides thermal intelligence. Its CFO Viktor Gauk began by highlighting the problem of forest fires with numbers: over 30,000 people in Canada are currently removed from their homes because of this problem, the US counts the damage at more than USD 20B per year, and the EU spends USD 32B on fire suppression annually.

Fires spread faster and more exponentially than in the past due to climate change. That’s why speed and coverage of fire detection become increasingly critical.

OroroTech can detect fires the size of a car or a tree in any part of the world within three minutes. This is possible thanks to OroraTech’s space-based sensors – both proprietary and third-party. According to Mr Gauk, this is cheaper and safer than airborne surveillance.


This Czech provider of low-code API framework came second. According to Superface’s co-founder and CEO Radek Novotný, one API integration of a software costs EUR 1-15K plus EUR 500 per month maintenance when done by developers. This is why most SaaS have about 15 integrations – because this is all they can afford. Mr Novotný calls this kind of interaction between the interested parties ‘not digital.’

Superface stands for ‘super interface’, and it uses a proprietary AI agent to allow applications to connect other applications in a matter of minutes. It liberates developers from API integration tasks, speeds up these tasks dramatically, keeps data safe, and doesn’t presuppose a pay-per-call model.


This Croatian manufacturer of STEM-focused developing toys won the Pitch Contest. CircuitMess’ co-founder and CEO Albert Gajšak confessed that he was disappointed at school because he liked to do things with hands while schools mostly offered textbooks.

Today’s children spend a lot of their time in front of touchscreens and are even more used to manual experiences. At the same time, Mr Gajšak provided numbers according to which their interest in STEM education is declining.

CircuitMess’ solution is creating toys that teach about various STEM topics (AI, computer vision, IoT, etc.) in an exciting manner. The startup’s main model is subscription-based where the subscriber gets a new box with a new topic every week. The box includes a piece of hardware that one needs to build and access to the tutorials. So far, there are 15 boxes.

Other honored esteemed participants were:

  • Kadar – a Serbian AI-powered HR assistance provider
  • InnovecTech – a Polish Industry 4.0 startup providing digital twins of industrial spaces
  • Adapta Robotics – a Romanian manufacturer of device testing robots
  • Orbify – a Polish AI-powered satellite-based environment monitoring platform
  • Technovator – a Ukrainian-Polish developer of quantum-based wireless power transfer technology
  • – a Slovakian matchmaking platform for businesses and software development studios
  • Unfortunately, World from Space couldn’t pitch this time.

You are welcome to watch the Grand Pitch Contest Finals and the Award Ceremony on the Wolves Summit’s official YouTube channel.


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