Flaminjoy and Ipsos Join Forces to Leverage Influencers for Marketing Research

  • Romanian martech Flaminjoy partnered with Ipsos to create Trend Scount
  • Trend Scout is an AI powered marketing research tool that employs insights for influencers
  • The tool was designed with Gen Z audiences in mind, but it is applicable for any marketing campaign at any stage

This May, The Bucharest-based influencer marketing platform Flaminjoy and the global market research company Ipsos have announced the result of their strategic partnership. Their new collaborative effort is Trend Scout – a feature for collecting deep trend insights from influencers and their communities.

Gen Z Appeal as the Trigger

According to Flaminjoy’s marketing manager Sorin Amzu, the trigger for creating Trend Scout was Flaminjoy’s and Ipsos’ shared realization that brands were struggling to connect with the rapidly evolving Gen Z and niche audiences.

Sorin Amzu, Marketing Manager at Flaminjoy

‘Gen Z is a fascinating and complex generation that is reshaping the consumer landscape today. Born into a digital world, they are true digital natives with distinct behaviors and preferences. They crave authenticity, diversity, and social responsibility from the brands they engage with. Their attention spans are shorter, but their influence is mightier,’ Mr Amzu points out.

‘Gen Z and niche audiences present unique intricacies for brands. These targets have distinct values, preferences, and behaviors that set them apart from mainstream consumers. They are heavily influenced by digital culture, social causes, and peer recommendations. They also have shorter attention spans and are more resistant to traditional advertising. Engaging these audiences requires real-time understanding of their evolving needs, desires, as well as their pain points,’ Ipsos’ senior client director Amelia Podariu agrees.

Brands need to explore this unchartered territory with agility and empathy to win Gen Z’s hearts and minds. Flaminjoy and Ipsos spotted a key opportunity to combine their expertise in influencer dynamics and market research to provide a powerful solution that could help brands navigate this complex landscape and gain real-time insights into these complex consumer segments. Insights and uncovered trends are used by brands and agencies to develop better marketing strategies and improve ROI.

Creation and Functionality

The creation of a tool like Trend Scout required the perfect alignment of circumstances – the rise of the influencer era, the increasing complexity of niche audiences, and the growing appetite of brands to decode the next generation. With the unique combination of capabilities and insights that Flaminjoy and Ipsos bring to the table, the time has come to tap into the potential of harnessing influencer communities for market research purposes.

Trend Scout combines the speed and agility necessary to keep pace with the rapidly evolving consumer landscape with the depth and authenticity of insights that can only come from genuine consumer connections. Flaminjoy’s platform provides access to a vast network of influencers and their engaged communities, allowing for the collection of raw authentic data on consumer behaviors and preferences. Ipsos, in turn, develops the appropriate research instruments based on clients’ needs to gain competitive advantage in the market.

Trend Scout was developed entirely through the collaborative efforts of Flaminjoy and Ipsos, without the involvement of any third parties. The two companies have the necessary expertise and resources to bring this innovative tool to life. The output is a joint effort of robust AI (artificial intelligence) models and research experts HI (Human intelligence) to provide actionable insights and recommendations for success, all placed into market context.

Benefits for Clients and Influencers

Clients can benefit from Trend Scout at any stage of the marketing campaign. It starts with a pain point or series of questions they have about their products, their messaging, but also about upcoming trends in their industry and digital marketing. The tool connects these pain points to its database of hundreds of questions and builds a survey that makes sense at the specific stage of growth for the client.

‘The process is streamlined for efficiency: we begin by determining the primary questions, collaborating with clients to design the survey, and then deploying it to influencers. Upon collecting responses, we compile and analyze the data, delivering insights and recommendations utilizing advanced AI models. The standard output is planned as an off-the-shelf report by category of interest with top required information for each industry. However, given the diverse needs of brands in specific life stages, the tool is open for customizations,’ Mr Amzu explains.

Amelia Podariu, Senior Client Director at Ipsos

‘Usually, influencers are only seen through the lens of generating User Generated Content. We have a multifaceted view on the value of influencers. And it’s time that we share this perspective with brands and agencies. Influencers form the cornerstone of the Trend Scout surveys, leveraging their specialized knowledge of trends, products, and brands to generate valuable insights for clients. In return for their participation in the Trend Scout surveys, influencers are rewarded for their contributions,’ Ms Podariu adds.

Universal Application

At first glance, Trend Scout seems particularly well-suited for companies targeting Gen Z and niche audiences in the areas of beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and FMCG, – domains where trends are the lifeblood. Yet, for all companies, regardless of the industry, the ability to quickly gauge the impact of innovations and campaigns is invaluable. For them, Trend Scout’s fast data collection and analysis can transform raw feedback into actionable insights on fast-forward.

‘The ability to fine-tune the newly launched product’s strategy based on authentic consumer reactions within days, not weeks or months, presents a real game-changer for staying ahead of the curve. As such, any brand looking to stay ahead of emerging trends, gain a competitive edge, and adapt their marketing strategies to resonate with these hard-to-reach consumer segments could benefit from Trend Scout,’ Ms Podariu firmly believes.

Given the emphasis both Flaminjoy and Ipsos place on continuous innovation, as well as the dynamic nature of the influencer and consumer landscape, it’s very likely that the two partners will continue to evolve and expand the capabilities of Trend Scout over time. Having gathered feedback from clients and identified new opportunities, Trend Scout may introduce new features or modules to address emerging needs and challenges


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