Jellyfish – Accounting Programmers’ Time by Alexander Gornyi


The post was originally published in Russian on Startup of the Day. Alexander kindly agreed to republish what we think is of great value to our readers.

Programmers are a valuable and expensive business resource. It’s difficult to hire them, it’s even more difficult to use them for something useful instead of answering monotonous support tickets or endless refactoring.

Jellyfish, the American startup of the day, solves the problem by means of analytics. The startup’s software connects to the existing development management systems: JIRA, Git, Slack, and others of the kind. It extracts data from there and puts out pretty analytics of who worked how long and on what. As the result, the administration sees who worked on new features tirelessly and who was doing God knows what. Also, the auditor knows what part of the salary spendings should be capitalized and what should be counted as support.Jellyfish counted everything.

Besides, the startup claims that the programmers themselves will also love the service. Naturally, it’s not to be used to determine the best and the worst employee of the month. You can use Jellyfish to support all the developers with the necessary resources in case they are lagging behind, – and this will be the best motivation for the team.

The startup brought in USD 71M of investment in the February’s round.

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Translation: Kostiantyn Tupikov


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