Middesk – Counter-Agent Background Check Outsourced by Alexander Gornyi


A long time ago I spotlighted the American startup Checkr. It supplies outsourced services to client companies who want to check the integrity of their potential employees – whether they have criminal past, whether they lie on their CV, whether they are drug addicts, and whether bill collectors are looking for them. The startup integrated itself with hundreds of various databases in different states and even counties, and comes up with aggregated responses in its web version or API.

Several employees looked at the super-successful business from the inside and launched something similar themselves – Middesk, the startup of the day, does the same, but it checks businesses instead of people. Suppose you want to start working with a new counter-agent, the startup will tell you – whether it is an ephemeral thing, whether it filed for bankruptcy, and whether it sponsors terrorists.

Middesk’s main clients are banks and other financial institutions. Before issuing a loan for someone, they need to do an especially thorough check on them. Outsourced accounting services are second most frequent clients, they help businesses calculate their employees’ salaries.

The startup brought in USD 57M of investment in its June’s round.



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