Seasonality in Advertising and How Ad Tech Can Help You Deal with It by Anton Ruin


One of the key skills of every marketer is understanding their audience’s mindsets at every given point of the year and adapting to them. 

At first glance, the basics of seasonal marketing come obvious – advertise discounts on Black Friday, make Christmas-themed offers at the end of December, etc. But how do you improve performance during low seasons? Here are some non-obvious tips that will most likely help:

  • Utilize frequency capping

One of the most useful features of advertising platforms like ad servers or DSPs is frequency capping – the option to set up ad display limitations for every creative. 

Instead of showing the same ad to one user for the 20th time, frequency capping will help show relative ads to your audience. This will prevent burning out their engagement while maintaining a stable brand presence.

  • Get all your data together

The low season is a great time to solve data discrepancies that occur with almost every advertiser after a long enough period. Invest this time to deep-dive into performance analysis, learn from your mistakes, and compose winning strategies for the next season.

  • Improve your website/app majorly

Once again, low season probably means fewer users, meaning less load on your website/app. Use this time to fix the onboarding process, update account verification, and fix the most frequent bugs during the high season.

  • Test new creatives, traffic sources, and ad campaigns. 

Don’t forget about smart optimization(algorithms that automatically optimize CPA values) and hyper localization (creating content based on specific data down to the region and city level); we’ll just note that these measures can potentially improve ROI by up to 120%. 

Quick reminder: to make really informed decisions, test your creatives’ performance with a minimum of 30-40 registrations.

  • Offer off-season discounts/giveaways/specials

Special offers during low seasons won’t bring you much profit (quite the opposite, really), but they will keep your brand on board with your online presence and will most definitely benefit you in the long run. 

  • Launch remarketing campaigns and re-engage with your users

Marketers often forget that their existing players are one of their biggest marketing assets. The key is to actively remind them of your brand; remarketing campaigns, newsletter digests, and special offers are great tools to accomplish that.

  • Keep it cool

During low seasons, some advertisers push really hard to not lose any bit of potential attention. Our advice – don’t do it. 

It’s only natural to experience highs and lows in sales, and there isn’t much you can do to, for example, make people buy your programmatic software on Christmas Eve. Instead, spend the low season to prepare for the past, close the unclosed tasks, and become the ultimate version of yourself!


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