TechUkraine Opens a Series of Going Global Webinars to Raise Legal Awareness of Startups

  • TechUkraine, CMS, and Perkins Coie partner for a series of webinars on the legal aspects of launching a startup in several key jurisdictions
  • The series starts on February 8th
  • Five international experts will explain how to launch a startup in the UK and the US

TechUkraine teams up with CMS and Perkins Coie for a series of webinars that are meant to shed light on various legal aspects of founding and leading tech startups in key jurisdictions.

In October 2023, CMS published GOING GLOBAL: Factsheet for Tech Start-ups  in partnership with TechUkraine and Perkins Coie. The Factsheet includes key considerations when evaluating a new market (including those about deciding whether to open a subsidiary office, establish a legal entity or acquire an existing company in this legislation) and essential legal knowledge for meetings and negotiations. This comes seasoned with practical tips on regulatory issues, intellectual property, tax, data protection as well as funding (including accessing grants and other ways to raise capital) and industry associations. The covered jurisdictions include the US and the UK alongside a wide range of CEE countries including Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, and others. You are welcome to request the Factsheet here.

Topics and Speakers

Following the success of the publication, the team behind it decided to launch a series of Q&A webinars and share all the additional information that didn’t make it into the Factsheet with all the interested audiences. The opening Going Global webinar will talk about the UK and the US. More specifically, the webinar will cover such questions as:

  • How does a company open a branch in these jurisdictions?
  • Who owns the intellectual property rights in a startup in these legal systems?
  • What issues could alarm potential investors and prevent them from deciding in favor of funding?
  • How can lack of legal literacy damage sales?
  • And more.

Each webinar will be complemented with a Q&A session where experts will cover additional questions from guests, that weren’t explicitly clarified in the Factsheet or the main part of the webinar.

The speakers of the opening Going Global webinar are:

In a Nutshell

  • When: February 8th 2024, 18:00 EEST / 17:00 CET
  • Where: Online
  • The participation is free, but guests need to register here.

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