Top 10 Image Editing Tools by Artur Kurasiński


The post was originally published in Polish on Artur’s LinkedIn profile. Artur kindly agreed that we repost what we think is of great value to our readers.

10 Recommended Tools to Help You Edit Your Graphics in Seconds:

  1. BigJPG – An application designed to enlarge images up to 800% without losing quality. Perfect for enhancing both printed and digital images.
  2. Gigapixel AI – Built for enlarging images, especially useful for large-scale prints, providing detailed views without visual artifacts.
  3. Let’s Enhance – A tool tailored to scale up images. It retains the resolution even for AI-generated content.
  4. Remove.Bg – Remove the background from your image in literally two clicks. At the same time, the app retains the quality of the main image.
  5. Magic Eraser by MagicStudio – In addition to simply removing the background, it can remove and replace objects, people, or anomalies in an image, ensuring that the rest of the image looks untouched.
  6. TouchRetouch – A mobile app that uses AI to remove objects, providing a transparent background.
  7. Vector Magic – An intuitive tool that tracks images and smoothly converts them to vector format.
  8. Vectorizer – Ensures that pixels are converted into vectors while maintaining color vibrancy during conversion.
  9. ClipDrop – A multi-tool, it offers a lot of features. From changing the aspect ratio of an image to improving lighting or even turning a sketch into a work of art.
  10. Tracejourney – An AI-powered ‘painting’ tool that allows you to change the aspect ratio of any image by generating an extended background to enhance existing photos or images. These are just some of its many features. It works with the help of Discord.

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