6th Unicorn Battle Q1 2023 – Industry Agnostic

  • Sixth Unicorn Battle Q1 2023 will take place on February 16th
  • The Battle will be Industry Agnostic and welcome startup founders that don’t fit into other categories
  • The jury will determine the winner from 12 participants

February 16th will mark the sixth Battle in the Unicorn Battles Q1 2023 series. The Battle will be Industry Agnostic and include startups whose specialty didn’t fit into any other category. The sixth participant of the Unicorn CUP Finals Q1 2023 – which will take place on March 16th – will be determined.

Network.VC, Silicon Valley Syndicate Club, and Startup Inc. are the regular sponsors of the event. Eleven founders will pitch before tier-one VC representatives. Even though the regular number of participants in a Battle is ten startups are still welcome to apply because, as we see, the organizers can sometimes make an exception to this rule.

The winner will move on to the next level and compete with other winning startups at the Unicorn CUP Finals. Startups of the following sub-niches are welcome to apply to participate in the Battle:

  • Agriculture
  • Cyber Security
  • EdTech
  • FoodTech
  • Anything else

There are three ways for a startup to enter the competition:

  • Winners of Unicorn Events’ geography-specific pitches get whitelisted automatically
  • Founders are welcome to apply here and get admitted to the competition by Unicorn Events’ analysts. Before applying, please take a look at the startups’ application procedure.
  • Founders can also sponsor their pitches here and get shortlisted automatically

The eleven selected participants include:

  • Exam Lounge – an Indian AI-powered individual curriculum planning assistant
  • CTRL ENERGY – a French manufacturer of batteries from recycled materials
  • KikLiko – a Georgian clip-and-meme-based social network
  • Solar Power Glory – a manufacturer and remodeler of solar vehicles
  • Everhome – an American real estate sales facilitator
  • Datuum.ai – a Ukrainian AI-powered no-code data integrator
  • Baikky – an Italian electric bike sharing solution for the tourism sector
  • Filmboard – an Indian B2B marketplace for filmmaking specialists
  • Corner – a US-based designer and manufacturer of eco-friendly kitchens
  • Primeclass – an American operator of bootcamps for content creators
  • HiCounselor – an American AI-powered platform for career acceleration

The esteemed jury of the Industry Agnostic Unicorn Battle Q1 2023 will include:

The evening will begin at 17:00 GMT February 16th, and the place is Zoom. Each founder will have 5-6 minutes to pitch. After all the pitches are done, there will be a few more minutes for the jury to finalize their vote and determine the winner.

General audiences are also welcome to attend and vote, tickets are available at Eventbite.

Unicorn Events’ previous pitches and battles are available in full on the official YouTube channel.


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