Radiology to Test for New Diseases – Radiolife Wins Unicorn Battle HealthTech & BioTech Q1 2023

  • The fourth event of Unicorn Battles Q1 2023 was the HealthTech & BioTech Battle that took place on February 2nd 2023
  • 11 startups competed for the opportunity to go to Unicorn Cup Finals Q1 2023
  • American Radiolife became a close winner

On February 2nd, Unicorn Battles Q1 2023 commenced. The Robotics & Hardware Battle, the eCommerce & Logistics Battle, and the Software & Services Battle were followed by the HealthTech & BioTech Battle that determined the fourth participant of March 16th with Unicorn CUP Finals Q1 2023.

Unicorn Events’ CEO Anna Fedorova and the CPO Maria Myleiko were the evening’s co-hosts. After announcing the sponsors – Network.VC, Silicon Valley Syndicate Club, and Startup Inc., the judges have a few moments to introduce themselves.

Those who follow Unicorn Events could notice all the familiar faces in the Judges Board:

Panel of Judges at Unicorn Battle Q1 2023 HealthTech & BioTech

After all the pitches were done, and the votes were counted, the hosts finally got to announce the winner – Radiolife. EnlitenAI and Ochy got the silver and the bronze respectively, all by a close margin.


Khaldon Evans, CEO at Ochy

This French startup offers full body movement analysis while running accessible to everyone. To goal is to prevent injuries and improve performance. According to Khaldon Evans, the startup’s co-founder, the main cause of injuries is poor biomechanics. As for the currently available wearables that monitor the running process, their problem is that the data that they provide isn’t directly actionable and its analysis is time-consuming. It also demands costly wearables.

Ochy developed a solution that essentially analyzes movement from video, without wearables. It requires only 30 seconds of video to analyze the way one moves. Computer vision AI uses biomechanics algorithms and corrective exercises algorithms. The technology can be used b medical professionals and coaches, as well as by the general public.


Dr Himanshu Misra, Co-Founder and CEO at EnlitenAI

According to this American startup’s co-founder and CEO Dr Himanshu Misra, there are more people in the US with epilepsy than with most other widespread neurological diseases combined. With the product:

  • patients can easily share the relevant data with doctors
  • neurologists can easier build personalized treatment plans
  • ultimately, the advantages will make the entire treatment cheaper and more insurance-friendly

ElitenAI achieves this with the help of its wearables that transmit patient data. This adds to the caregiver’s observations. Finally, the AI builds predictive models.

The ultimate payer is the insurance carrier. Aside from that, there is data monetization in place.


Sergio Schirmer, Founder and CEO at Radiolife

Sergio Schirmer, the founder and CEO of this US-based startup, began by reminding that there are no readily available tests for new diseases and the current solutions are heavily reliant on reagents, making them slow and expensive.

Radiolife’s solution is a mobile and user-friendly diagnostic device that employs radiology and AI modeling. According to Mr Schirmer, it doesn’t use any reagent and can detect diseases in less than 20 seconds, regardless of their cause. Aside from medical institutions, it can be applied in a variety of spaces – all the way to border control and home use.

The company has regulatory approval in Chile for COVID-19 detection.

Other participating startups were:

  • Etitronica – an Italian manufacturer of smart watches for health monitoring
  • Lily MedTech – a Japanese developer of AI-powered CT devices
  • 3 Ridge Technologies – an American provider of microbe-based indoor farming accelerators
  • LogMeal – a Spanish AI-powered food recognition and monitoring platform
  • ComeBack Mobility (covered by ITKeyMedia) – a US-based weight-bearing optimization solution provider for crutch users
  • Medscrape – an American platform for global exchange of medical information and opinions
  • Robota – an Italian developer of sterilization devices for medical instruments
  • Halitus – a German developer of handheld devices that detect diseases in exhaled breath

The full recording of the Robotics & Hardware Battle is available here.


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