About us

ITKeyMedia is a media group that operates in the IT sector promoting Poland in Central and Western Europe, the USA and China. Our major markets globally include Bay Area in Silicon Valley, London, Sydney, Shenzhen and many other. We help investors to enter the Polish market and create a positive image of Poland across the world.

ITKey.Media serves as a platform for exchanging information, which it delivers to its ever growing audience via a variety of media. We are skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of traditional and modern marketing tactics and strategies.

To meet the expectations of our partners, we make strenuous efforts to ensure fast and easy access to information and continue to enhance our distribution channels. We develop content and maximize your presence in SEO, Social Media (via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn), Web Design and much more.  Our offer is addressed to founders, VCs, and everybody interested in IT and technology alike.

If you need access to the latest market news, create opportunities for vendors and IT executives to connect or search for new business partners or are interested in our wide array of advertising services, we’ll be happy to know your needs and tailor relevant solutions. Our ultimate goal is to create and contribute value to your business in a variety of ways.