NAGA and’s Join Forces to Create a Superapp for B2C Finance

  • NAGA and – two B2C financial platforms – have announced a merger
  • The merged platform will combine NAGA’s expansive functional and’s global presence
  • The merger will allow the united platform to boost its development and expansion
  • The deal is pending regulatory approval which is to be expected no later than this July

This April, NAGA – a German listed company – called an extraordinary meeting of its shareholders, which greenlit the company’s merger with The merger promises to give rise to a multi-asset trading juggernaut with a truly all-in-one trading superapp encompassing not only multiple functions but also multiple legislation.

Introducing the Parties is the current project of the well-known Romanian entrepreneur and investor Octavian Patrascu, mainly famous for his major exits from such major ventures as,, and Vector Watch.

Octavian Patrascu, Founder and CEO at, CEO at NAGA is a global fintech broker that prioritizes a customer-centered and education-oriented approach. It is a set of platforms that provide fast and flexible access to 7,000+ assets from multiple markets, including Forex, Shares, Indices, ThematiX, StoX, ETFs, Commodities via CFDs and real shares trading, with multiple licenses to ensure global reach.

NAGA operates in a similar field, offering a seamless and unified ecosystem where users can trade, earn, invest, acquire, connect, pay; etc. In addition to that, NAGA offers a variety of functions – from ‘social trading’ (auto-copying the behavior of successful traders) to various crypto activities with 10+ currencies. The company is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Synergies Leading to the Merger

The merger will allow the parties to combine NAGA’s expansive set of features with’s regulatory framework of 9 licenses (with 2 additional in the process of approval) and 12 offices worldwide.

‘From the inception of, our vision on the product side was to build a superapp where users could trade, invest, do crypto, and pay on one single platform in one single experience. The app would have a simple user interface but a sophisticated backend. We managed to have it up and running by the time of merging with NAGA who already had their own superapp that they built in the last several years,’ Mr Patrascu tells ITKeyMedia.

NAGA and were competitors with the former having developed the superapp that the latter had in mind. Multiple synergies between the parties make the merger ultimately mutually beneficial for sharing the vision and ambitions.

According to NAGA’s co-founder and deputy CEO Michael Milonas, his team has been following’s growth for many years. As such, the merger comes naturally due to the shared vision. Competing with each other for access to the target markets, the companies gained a new dimension in terms of revenues, users, and product roadmap.

‘At NAGA, we had the superapp idea to become the social community of trading from the very beginning. Within several years after starting NAGA, we realized our objectives, and our product kept growing popular. After years of growing and doing an IPO, it is a natural jump to the next level for us to merge with,’ Mr Milonas adds.

The United Platform’s Ambitions

Michael Milonas, Co-Founder and Deputy CEO at NAGA

As a result of the merger, Mr Patrascu becomes the new CEO of the merged NAGA. His presentation included a roadmap of NAGA’s future development:

  • Market expansion: Propeling NAGA to new and untapped markets in terms of both geography and customer segments.
  • Product development: Major upgrades to the NAGA app, focusing on improving user experience. This includes further facilitating the community-based ecosystem and AI integrations, empowering users to effectively create their own financial instruments.
  • Superapp: Unifying all existing NAGA services into a single integrated platform with a unified ecosystem encompassing a complete range of services from trading and investing to crypto, neo-banking, and personal finance management.
  • Merger with Pending regulatory approval and the entry of the general meeting resolutions in the commercial register, meant to boost NAGA’s financial efficiency (according to the companies, these can exceed $USD 10M per year).

Mr Patrascu assures that the necessary approval from the regulators should be obtained as soon as this June or July latest. Both companies have long standing relationships with the regulatory authorities and they are absolutely positive about their favorable decision.

Further, an investor day presentation is scheduled, where the new management will describe the first six months of the coming merger, as well as the vision of the further future on the operational, technological, and other fronts.


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