Brand24 Integrates Social Mentions with Slack


Brand24, a leading social CRM, and social monitoring platform launched its integration with Slack, a real-time messaging, archiving and search for teams.

The integration allows users to view their company mentions in a preselected Slack channel so that they can be the first to engage online conversations relevant to their business.


The new feature enhances company interactions with customers and, consequently, improves the quality of its social media presence. Being able to quickly and accurately reach out to customers is of enormous value that helps building customer trust and company position.

“Brand24 integration with Slack is designed to increase productivity and shorten reaction time, which is crucial when it comes to social media activity. Connecting our app to Slack will also allow assigning tasks to the best-qualified employee ” said Mike Sadowski, CEO at Brand24.

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Brand24 Integrates Social Mentions with Slack