COVID vs Food: How UberEats, Glovo and Adjust in the Pandemic World



  • The delivery business is developing in Poland – Glovo and Biedronka are collaborating
  • The Uber Eats application simplifies its functioning
  • AmRest and have no drawbacks during the Coronavirus outbreak

The Covid-19, or the coronavirus, has completely changed the global economy. Although many businesses faced huge losses, some have found solutions to tackle this issue. One of them is a delivery system that is being held in cooperation between companies and app developers. 

As we found from Uber Eats, the number of restaurants in Poland that were registered in the Uber Eats application in the second quarter of 2020 is bigger than in the first quarter of the same year, which is an increase by a whopping 188 percent. Thus, it became clear that despite the pandemic situation, many restaurants are ready to deliver their food to their customers. Cooperation with application developers helps to expand the delivery business in different cities.

Goods Delivery from Biedronka

Except for restaurants, other businesses are also eager to work in this format. At the beginning of April 2020, one of the biggest chains of supermarkets in Poland – Biedronka, owned by Jeronimo Martins, cooperated with Glovo, a Spanish courier service that specializes in delivering online orders through an application. The biggest advantage of using this app is a noncontact delivery; it was made concerning the pandemic situation. Another benefit is the absence of a weight delivery limit, the only condition is to order products according to the physical capabilities of the courier. Though couriers at Glovo use bicycles or scooters, they still cannot hold too many goods.

Safe Work Conditions

When it comes to the contactless delivery system, the same move was made by the Uber Eats. For the time of isolation, Uber Eats deactivated the option to pay with cash and allowed business couriers to deliver packages onto the locations. It also sends reminders that include basic information in terms of safety to the couriers and restaurants they cooperate with. Additionally, it became easier to join the application for restaurants that want to collaborate with them. Quite recently, Uber Eats started cooperating with more restaurants from 14 Polish cities. 


Source: AmRest

An App which has High Rankings 

One of the most popular delivery services in the world, Glovo, got high rankings in such applications as AppStore and Google Play. To be more precise, it has got the third place in both of them. The cooperation with Biedronka helped to acquire such a good result. Because of the quarantine, people started ordering food products during the whole day, not only during lunchtime or on Friday or Saturday evenings as they used to. With the coronavirus outbreak, the company had to make some changes in its work. For instance, the courier can leave the delivery next to the door if the buyer does not want to contact him personally, it is possible to pay by card or online, couriers are being trained online, and they have the necessary, as to WHO, hygienic conditions. This was made as the core values of the company are the health, safety, and well-being of the clients, couriers, and partners. There is one more project Glovo wants to work with. It would like to expand its activity in Poland by opening the so-called, dark stores. These are shops with various branches where you can buy toothpaste, snacks, or alcohol. This project is not new, dark stores are located in Madrid and Barcelona. 

The Successful App that Maintained its Partners

Another company that took the same approach as Biedronka is The AmRest, an operator of KFC, Pizza Hut, and Burger King in Europe. It operates in the Chinese and European markets, it has its courier teams, and it cooperates with such companies as Glovo. As a representative of the company said, The AmRest was ready for such a scenario as the coronavirus outbreak; delivery is the company’s highest priority. Therefore, it maintained cooperation with more than 500 restaurants during the isolation.



The Biggest Food App offers New Options

One more successful platform is, the biggest service for ordering food in Poland. The pandemic situation did not severely affect the business, people still order food through it. The only change that was made for safety measures is contactless delivery. Additionally, as many restaurants have closed, decided to offer new categories provided by restaurants, confectionaries, and grocery stores that work with them and surprised the app developers with their creative approach.

What makes businesses work is their ability to survive in such tough times like this one. Whether you like it or not, every one of us has to deal with the changes and move forward. The cooperation of Polish companies with foreign app developers is proving that.



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