Lawformer’s AI-Fueled Speed-Up for Lawyers’ Work

  • Georgian Lawformer presents its proprietary LLM for contract drafting, Lawformer AI
  • Users can upload their contracts and templates to organize them into personal clause libraries
  • The next steps include integrating Lawformer AI with MS Word and Google Docs and further ML training in clause intelligence

This March, Georgian Legal Tech Lawformer presented Lawformer AI – its proprietary machine learning-based contract deconstruction tool designed to help legal teams make better use of their contract knowledge.

Clause Library to Accelerate Contract Drafting

Founded in 2021, Lawformer was originally developed as a clause library designed to help lawyers in drafting different types of contracts. The problem and the solution were formulated by two of the co-founders, Mariam Chaduneli and Nako Edisherashvili, at Ms Edisherashvili’s law school graduation ceremony.

The problem is that lawyers spend up to 25% of their time searching for information. Lawformer combats this problem by providing a digital library of attorney-drafted contract clauses. The platform quickly garnered attention, attracting over 3,000 lawyers from top firms and corporations, including a partnership with Barclays, as part of their Eagle Labs program.

Recycling the Feedback into a Proprietary LLM

Nako Edisherashvili, Co-Founder and CEO at Lawformer

After engaging with over 3,000 customers, Lawformer received invaluable feedback, which became a lucrative proprietary dataset itself – including data on the most frequently used clauses, the sequence in which clauses are typically used, the most common types of contracts, and the algorithms governing them. Leveraging this proprietary dataset and a combination of LLMs, Lawformer’s CTO George Javakhidze was able to create an advanced AI model that excels in identifying contract content, deconstructing contracts into individual clauses, and building personalized private libraries.

Lawformer AI allows users to upload their existing contracts and templates, which are then deconstructed into individual clauses and organized by contract types in the user’s personal clause library. The platform is web-based and can easily be integrated with legacy tools. According to the company, the adoption takes as little as 15-20 minutes.

Lawformer AI offers significant benefits to large enterprises and law firms, primarily because these organizations possess vast amounts of knowledge that require organizing. Our platform ensures that this information is structured in a manner that makes it easily accessible, streamlining the process of managing and utilizing legal documentation and insights. This capability is particularly valuable for such large entities, where efficient knowledge management can lead to enhanced operational efficiency, simplify onboarding process, reduced time spent on contract drafting and review, and improved overall legal service delivery,’ Ms Edisherashvili tells ITKeyMedia.

Funding and Growth

Managing Partner at Noxtton

Lawformer’s funding includes a Pre-Seed investment of USD 100K from Noxtton and an equity-free grant of USD 60K from the Georgian Innovation Agency.

We decided to invest in Lawformer because we believe that Lawformer leads a transformative movement in the legaltech industry by leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance knowledge accessibility and streamline the functional processes,’ Noxtton’s founder and CEO Givi Chkhartishvili states.

WIth this funding at hand, Lawformer has forged strategic partnerships with organizations such as Legal Startup Garage, UC Hastings, and Barclays Eagle Labs validating its product on both UK and US markets.

Strengthening UK Presence and Further Product Development

Initially operating in the US and having a user base of over 3,000 lawyers, we are now expanding into the UK market. Last year’s partnership with Barclays, as part of their Eagle Labs program, laid a strong foundation for Lawformer. This collaboration, along with the significant interest we’ve garnered, has led us to launch in the UK market, aiming to replicate and build on our success in the US,’ Ms Edisherashvili shares.

As the product gets developed further, Lawformer aims to partner with ‘Magic Circle’ law firms in the UK. More specifically in terms of product development, Lawformer AI will be integrated with writing and editing services such as MS Word and Google Docs enabling easy access to and utilization of the personal library of clauses while working on new contracts. This integration is planned for the next 8-12 months. In the next 12-18 months, the tool is scheduled to undergo training on clause intelligence, which will enable users to locate specific clauses labeled with various characteristics, such as contract type, frequency of use, clause neutrality, etc. This will streamline the contract drafting process further.

According to Ms Edisherashvili, Lawformer is moving toward its ultimate goal of leveraging its unique insights and proprietary data to develop the most advanced legal language model in the world and make knowledge management more efficient for legal teams.


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