Skanska CDF Welcomes Bright Spaces’ Real Estate 3D Twins in Finland

  • Finland becomes the next country where Romanian real estate 3D visualization provider Bright Spaces sets foot
  • Bright Spaces’ partner in Finland is Skanska CDF
  • The partnership is realized in the upcoming Firdo project that emphasizes climate-smartness, eco-friendliness, and flexibility

On the final day of February, the renowned Romanian and international proptech Bright Spaces announced yet another geographic expansion. This time, the direction is North as Bright Spaces’ 3D digital twins of real estate find their way to Helsinki through the company’s new partnership with Skanska CDF.

A Recap of Bright Spaces

Founded in 2019 by Bogdan Nicoară (a guest on one of ITKeyMedia’s podcasts) and his team, BrightSpaces specialized in providing 3D visualization of commercial real estate. This allows landlords to offer potential tenants virtual tours, which proved particularly beneficial during the COVID pandemic as interaction and deals between landlords and tenants could happen without in-person meetings and unnecessary health risks.

Since then, Bright Spaces expanded geographically – with subsidiary offices in London and Dubai and partnerships in even more countries – and vertical-wise, to the residential and industrial/logistics sectors. The current partnership signifies yet another new geography for Bright Spaces.

Tuomas Heiska, Project Manager Skanska CDF

The Romanian proptech already has some history of successful cooperation with Skanska back in Romania to boast about (the Equilibrium project), and this was an apparent plus for Skanska CDF’s decision to cooperate with Bright Spaces. The first project to implement Bright Spaces’ 3D visualization in Finland is Firdo in Pasila, Helsinki, dubbed ‘a hub for forward-thinking companies prioritizing well-being and environmental sustainability.’

What Makes the New Project Special

‘Firdo puts future first, thus piloting new innovations and digital, smart solutions in the project has been in the focus. We at Skanska CDF strive for continuous development and innovation to support our customers in the best way possible. The 3D model is an example of how we aim to enhance customer experience and provide smart services from the very beginning of a leasing process,’ Skanska CDF’s project manager Tuomas Heiska states.

As with each 3D digital twins platform that BrightSpaces introduces, the new one is tailored to the specific characteristics and features of the building it represents. Firdo stands out as a climate-smart structure, emphasizing flexible office spaces and eco-friendly amenities, which influences the virtual tour’s final presentation.

‘One of the standout features of Firdo is its adaptability, reflected in the floor plan, which offers over 20 potential combinations to suit the diverse needs of prospective tenants. This level of customization ensures that the virtual tour accurately represents the potential configurations available, providing a comprehensive understanding of the space’s versatility,’ Bright Spaces’ head of sales EU Catalin Dragutoiu tells ITKeyMedia.

Another layer of uniqueness to the VR tour in Firdo is added through Skanska’s decision to incorporate three distinct interior themes: Nordic Urban Garden, Industrial Edge, and City Lounge. This allows tenants the freedom to envision their future workspace within the context of these distinct design options, further enhancing the immersive experience of exploring Firdo virtually.

Prospects in the Nordics

Catalin Dragutoiu, Head of Sales EU at Bright Spaces

Mr Dragutoiu and his team believe that Skanska CDF’s Firdo project will serve as an example and demonstrate the benefits of Bright Spaces’ solutions to other real estate operators across the Nordics, both in the commercial sector and beyond.

‘Skanska’s reputation as an innovator and trendsetter in the industry is well-established, and their decision to partner with Bright Spaces underscores their commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies to enhance the real estate experience. We have confidence that other real estate operators in the Nordics will take note of the success of the Firdo project and be inspired to explore similar partnerships with Bright Spaces. As the demand for innovative, technology-driven solutions continues to grow, we anticipate a shift towards more digital-centric approaches to real estate development and management,’ Mr Dragutoiu states.

Brights Spaces’ team assures that the company remains dedicated to fostering strong relationships with industry leaders like Skanska and keeps exploring avenues for collaboration and growth. Without sharing any specifics yet, the Romanian proptech promises to share updates as its plans develop and unfold in the near future.


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