Making Warsaw a better place


If you live in Warsaw and looking for great place to network. Nxtwaw is for you. Nxtwaw team aims to provide a platform where new businesses and idea-havers can speak directly with their beneficiaries. This is an opportunity for the citizens of Warsaw to co-create the new services and products that will surround them in the near future.

The event starts at 19:00 every last Wednesdays of the month with a 30min happy hour to meet and greet people. The next hour or less is dedicated to new businesses that are presenting their MVP’s in a 5min presentation followed by the 5min questions and answers from the audience. We are calling this a conversation format. Its focus from the entrepreneurial standpoint is to clearly display their companies MVP to the public. The audience then can provide feedback about their product and ask questions regarding the business model learning for themselves. The presenters gain a much better and broader perceptive of potentially relevant and sometimes non-relevant issues to prepare them for a proper pitch in front of an investor. The event ends with an after party where people can keep the conversation going over some refreshments of their choosing.

For their upcoming meetup, they are expecting over 200 participants who are by far making this event as the biggest FREE networking opportunity Warsaw has to offer.

First up we have two brave women shaping the current graphic design stage in Poland. Element talks organize a conference about business aspects of designers profession like negotiations, copyright, contact with clients, cooperation. Usually, people get this kind of knowledge by experience. On Element Talks they can ask specialists and great designers how to do business.

They also have their first “green” initiative startup Natural Materials Unlimited is going to present clean, safe and earth friendly products that match their lifestyle needs. Green initiatives are popping everywhere all over not only is this great for the world but its great to have one in our backyard here in Warsaw that is looking to do more.

Finally, making Warsaw a better place is all about investing in our future. We are excited to hear what an NGO called Speak for Future is working and how we can help.

So if you want to be the first to know what’s next for Warsaw? Then come join us at NXTWAW and make sure to RSVP here.


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