Poland’s Top VC Funds 2024 by Borys Musielak


The post was originally published in Polish on Borys’ LinkedIn profile. Szymon kindly agreed to republish what we think is of great value to our readers.

Here are Polish VC funds with money to invest in startups in 2024:


  1. SMOK Ventures – Pre-Seed investments of PLN 200K – 2M / USD 50K – 500K for the start, max PLN 10M / USD 2.4M per startup throughout the entire investment period. The fund is American-Polish. Only software startups, with a predominance of: software engineering tools, gamedev, AI. Talk to Borys Musielak or Diana Koziarska.
  2. AIP Seed – Pre-Seed investments, usually up to PLN 1M / USD 250K, any industry. Talk to Darek Żuk.
  3. Black Pearls VC – a Gdansk-based fund investing as part of a syndicate of angels, industry-agnostic, early-stage. Talk to Marcin P. Kowalik.
  4. Bitspiration BoosterVC – a Krakow-based fund focusing on Pre-Seed investments in deep tech / hardware. Talk to Andrzej Targosz.
  5. Level2 Ventures – a fund created by experienced entrepreneurs, investing both on Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A in AI, industry 4.0, b2b saas, marketplace, web3, sustainability, medtech and pet tech startups. Talk to Adam Rudowski.
  6. Radix Ventures (formerly ValueTech) – investments in deeptech at an early stage. Talk to Pawel Bochniarz.
  7. Ekipa Investments – Pre-Seed investments in startups, mainly in the entertainment industry. In addition to the cash register, they give you access to Polish influencers as part of the package. Talk to Maciej Siemaszko.
  8. Expeditions Fund – A family office that has evolved into a VC invests in deep tech at the Pre-Seed stage. Talk to Mikolaj Firlej.


  1. Market One Capital – Seed stage.There must be revenue, or at least GMV. Focus on startups operating in the marketplace model or using network effects. Talk to Marcin Kurek or Marcin Zabielski.
  2. Inovo.vc – Industry agnostic, focus on startups with revenue, but recently they have also been doing “discovery tickets” (1M PLN / USD 250K each) for Pre-Seed. Talk to Michał Rokosz, Maciej Małysz, or Tomasz Swieboda.
  3. Simpact Ventures – impact startups, Seed stage. Private Cash + EIF. Talk to Krzysztof Grochowski.
  4. OTB Ventures – deep tech startups, mainly Series A. Talk to Marcin Hejka.
  5. Warsaw Equity Group – a family office investing mainly at the Seed+ and Series A stages (tickets up to several million PLN / USD 1M+). Talk to Pawel Maj.
  6. Nunatak Capital – a fund investing in startups at the Seed+ stage, with data science as an important part. Talk to Piotr Ciżkowicz.
  7. 4growth VC – invests in fintechs, managed by experienced people from the banking sector.
  8. Smartlink Partners – a new fund of January Ciszewski, investing in Seed+ rounds of PLN 1M – 8M / USD USD 250K – 2M.
  9. AVIVO Capital – growth investments up to several million PLN – talk to Marcin Borowiecki.
  10. Vinci S.A. – BGK’s investment vehicle, mainly R&D projects at the growth stage.
  11. bValue Fund – investments at the growth stage (previously also Seeds by inactive funds). Talk to Maciek Balsewicz.

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