Superblocks – LowCode for Internal Tasks


The post was originally published in Russian on Startup of the Day. Alexander kindly agreed to republish what we think is of great value to our readers.

The most popular NoCode tools assist with the quick development of websites and apps for working with the end user. A couple of clicks in Tilda – and there you have a ready online store, no need to spend a year writing a TDA and hovering over the one executing it.

But aside from such ‘external’ development, there are also internal tasks, and there are millions of programmers engaged in them. They automate the support service, prepare reports for the board, check the surplus at storage facilities, and perform dozens of other tasks under the hood, the end user will never think about it.

Superblocks, the American startup of the day is a NoCode or more like a LowCode for such tasks. Its interface allows you to create patterns for interaction between various APIs and databases: call this method, take this section of the response, send it here, and then here. As a result, you get a button that creates the right report, sends a letter notifying that it has appeared, and closes the possibility of editing the database retroactively – that’s it, the quarter is closed, we’ve sent the results to the auditors.

Superblocks’ ad says that you don’t need any coding skills, anyone can handle the interface. To my taste, it’s coding as it is. True, it’s more high-level than the regular one, but the difference between Superblocks and Java is not that different from the difference between Java and Assembler. And some things you even have to write in regular Python, the interface buttons don’t account for everything.

The startup brought in USD 37M in August.


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