The Next Web’s 2020 Conference is Here


The Next Web likely needs no introduction, but here’s a refresher – founded in 2006, the company has been providing Europe’s largest and most influential tech and business conferences to date, empowering not only startups with their multiple programs and awards but also progressing the discussion around a wide variety of fields.

This year is shaping up to be no different, even if it is The Next Web’s first all-virtual conference. It is likely that the virtual onference might leverage the features provided by conference management platforms such as Goldcast to successfully host the event.

One of the highlights of TNW2020 is the extensive list of speakers, including people from a wide assortment of vocations, among them business, startups, emerging technologies, security, venture capital, engineering, health, social media, marketing, journalism, the music industry, public relations, gaming, fashion, design, and more.

Some particularly notable names include:

Rebecca Roth Social Media Specialist & Imaging Coordinator, NASA
Chris Messina Inventor of hashtag
Deborah Magid Director of Strategy, IBM Ventures
Tamar Yehoshua Chief Product Officer, Slack
Raj Samani Chief Scientist, McAfee
Hans Schlatmann Senior Sync & Marketing Manager, Sony/ATV
Shimona Mehta Head Of EMEA, Shopify
Joshua To Design Director, Google
Jim Adler Founding Managing Director, Toyota AI Ventures
Manisha Mistry Head of Digital Culture, Rolls-Royce
Tracey Trewin General Manager, Microsoft
Jan Vapaavuori Mayor, City of Helsinki
Yoojung Ahn Head of Design, Waymo
Andréa Mallard CMO, Pinterest
Rachel Been Design Lead, Google Nest
Melanie Collins VP, Global Head of People, Dropbox
Gavin Shetly VP – Product Engineering, IKEA Retail
Francisco Crespo Former CGO, The Coca-Cola Company
Wybo Wynbergen Former VP, WeWork
David Fischer Founder & CEO, Highsnobiety
Will Allen Vice President Of Product, Adobe
Will Cady Head of Creative Strategy, Reddit

These are just a few names from a very large list, including numerous CEOs, multiple Financial Times correspondents, representatives from the European Commission, and much, much more. No matter what field your business is in, what type of knowledge you’re looking to gain, or what type of connections you’d like to build, there’s something for all.

Here’s the full list of speakers.

With such a bevy of industry professionals, The Next Web has conflated them into 13 different stages.

Impact New and emerging tech
Growth Quarters Scaling and sustainable growth
Checkout Retail, customer satisfaction
Sustainable Societies Sustainability, climate change
Rebrand Branding, marketing
Neural Artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning
Shift Transport, transit
Form Art
Future of Work Work, talent acquisition
Sprint User experience, digital design
Transform Big business, digital corporate innovation
Ecosystems Urban ecosystems
The Assembly Regulation, policymaking

The Next Web is offering three different types of tickets aimed at the general public, investors, and startups.

There are multiple ways to take part, regardless of whether you’re a startup looking to rent a kiosk, an investor who wants to be up-to-date in the latest developments in their respective fields, or just curious about the current marketing trends from various industries (you can head here – – for an example).

Both General and Investors tickets are tiered, allowing for a more flexible choice, with the higher tiers including not only access to the talks themselves but also to additional sessions, meetings, one-on-one networking, and summary reports, in addition The Next Web is offering a free tier that is available to anyone who refers three of their colleagues.Startups will also get their own dedicated tickets that allows additional benefits, such as a 2-day virtual booth and investor matchmaking.

Make sure to book your attendance today HERE!


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