9 Useful Google Chrome Plugins by Artur Kurasiński


The post was originally published in Polish on Artur’s LinkedIn profile. Artur kindly agreed that we repost what we think is of great value to our readers.

Presenting 9 plugins for Google Chrome with which you will save a few hours each month:

  1.  Scribe – A manual generator that will help you explain how to use a website, application, or tool. Click record, show the actions, – and you’re done. You will get an automatically generated step-by-step instruction for the thing you just did. Use Scribe instead of snapping screenshots and pasting them into documents.
  2. not8 – Share your notes with ease. An ideal tool for reviewing websites and gathering user feedback in your team. One click is all it takes to share comments on any website.
  3. eesel – Don’t waste time searching for Google docs, Notion pages, or other notes. eesel automatically organizes all your content using your browser history. You will see the final pages, there are also comprehensive filters to sort the results, and a search option.
  4. Motion – A browser plugin for checking, editing, and exporting animations created with CSS and Motion One.To a must-have for anyone who works with animations on websites.
  5. LanguageTool – Your assistant for correct language which employs AI to suggest correction as you type and help you rewrite your content.
  6. Fireflies – Record and transcribe meetings and calls directly from your browser.
  7. Momentum Dash – One of the most interesting plugins. It turns your new tab into a focused, productive desktop. You can save links, select quotes, see beautiful views, and your to-do list will always be at hand, too.
  8. Toby – If you’re the person who opens 3000 tabs at once, then Toby is for you. The plugin organizes all your tabs so you can access key resources with a single click. You can tag, create collections, or save an entire session in one swipe.
  9. Checkmate – Online stores send thousands of emails with offers per day. Checkmate collects them for you and automatically applies them when you shop. This will save you money. It works on mobile and in the browser. It has more public codes than any other online savings tool.

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