9th Unicorn Battle Q1 2023 – Fintech

  • Ninth and final industry-specific Unicorn Battle Q1 2023 will take place on March 9th
  • The Battle will be dedicated to Fintech
  • 6 participants have been selected, 4 vacant spots remain

On March 9th, the ninth Unicorn Battle Q1 2023 will take place. The Fintech Battle will determine the final participant of the Unicorn CUP Finals Q1 2023 – which will take place on March 16th.

Network.VC, Silicon Valley Syndicate Club, and Startup Inc. will be the regular sponsors of the event. The organizers have selected six startups to pitch before tier-one VC representatives. The regular number of participants in a Battle is ten – so four more startups can be selected.

As usual, the winner will elevate to the next level to meet other winning startups at the Unicorn CUP Finals. All startups relating to the Fintech industry are welcome to apply to participate in the Battle, namely:

  • Payments, transaction processing, and money transfer
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Banking, asset management, and wealth management
  • Accounting
  • Investment
  • KYC and fraud prevention
  • Insurance
  • Lending and leasing
  • Scoring
  • Any other financial services

There are three ways for a startup to enter the competition:

  • Winners of Unicorn Events’ geography-specific pitches get whitelisted automatically
  • Founders are welcome to apply here and get admitted to the competition by Unicorn Events’ analysts. Before applying, please take a look at the startups’ application procedure.
  • Founders can also sponsor their pitches here and get shortlisted automatically

The already selected participating startups are:

  • Wbuild – a Chilean real estate co-investment platform
  • Cribstock, Inc. – a Nigerian real estate co-investment platform
  • Prizwiz – an Indian aggregator of bank offers for online shoppers
  • GiftCrowd – an American gift management service
  • Stirlingshire – a US-based trade confirmation solution provider
  • KARMEQ – an American gift platform for stocks

The esteemed jury of the Industry Agnostic Unicorn Battle Q1 2023 will include:

The event begins at 17:00 GMT, March 9th, and the place is Zoom. Each founder will have 5-6 minutes to pitch. After all the pitches are done, there will be a few more minutes for the jury to finalize their vote and determine the winner.

General audiences are also welcome to attend and vote, tickets are available at Eventbite.

Unicorn Events’ previous pitches and battles are available in full on the official YouTube channel.


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