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The post was originally published in Russian on Startup of the Day. Alexander kindly agreed to republish what we think is of great value to our readers.

In 2020, I couldn’t find it, but in 2019 the CRM market was estimated at $40 bln. The segment leader, Salesforce, had a revenue of 13 bln, 1/3 of the total. The rest came from other CRM systems, like Pipedrive, or AmoCRM. The portal G2, for example, knows 644 of them.

Zoom’s last quarter revenues were $800 mln, $3 bln annualized. If to apply the same proportion that works for CRM, then small video conferencing manufacturers should make $6 bln altogether, and even more against the backdrop of a growing market.

New startups appear for this potential niche every day, the amount of them should eventually become 644. A good example is #thestartupoftheday Around. Its difference from Zoom is the focus on constant interaction with colleagues at a distance. Their avatars always hang on the screen, they can always be called in one click, and there are tools for collaborating on a document. The current set of features is confusingly similar to #thestartupoftheday Remotion six months ago, but it’s not so important. Both startups are at an extremely early stage, with Around currently running only a free beta. After the feedback from live users, the project will change, and we don’t know what will eventually happen. But the market is not going anywhere. We have to fight for $6 bln, as Zoom and Google Meet will not completely occupy it.

In early March, Around raised $10 mln in investment.

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Startup: Around

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Translation : Valeria Stupnikova

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