Author Geri Kirilova

Geri Kirilova is a Partner at Laconia. Prior to joining Laconia, Geri was a Business Associate at Techstars Internet-of-Things program, where she facilitated program operations and worked directly with ten portfolio companies on customer acquisition, growth strategy, fundraising, business development, and messaging and storytelling. As an operator, Geri managed a branch of Kweller Prep, a boutique educational services firm, leading hiring, training, sales, program management, client relations, and curriculum development. She is a graduate of New York University Stern School of Business, and holds a BS in Business with specializations in Information Systems and Management. A lifelong New Yorker dragged over from Bulgaria, Geri began her venture capital career in Central and Eastern Europe at LAUNCHub in Sofia and Credo Ventures in Prague. By no means a pop culture savant, Geri counterbalances Jeffrey as Laconia’s resident Baby Boomer at heart