TOP Trends In E-Commerce Amid COVID-19

  • Stackline unveiled the report showing the fastest growing categories in e-commerce in the U.S.
  • It turns out, the shopping online trends in the U.S. and in Poland have a lot of similarities – customers choose electronic devices and sports equipment.
  • In the U.S., the second most popular product is a bread machine.

The e-commerce landscape has dramatically shifted around the world as more countries implement stay-at-home orders. Not only does force it people do most of the shopping online, but the COVID-19 pandemic also changes the purchasing decisions of consumers around the globe. 

While it’s clear that people purchase an abundance of toilet paper, canned food, and other household cleaning items during the pandemic, they’re also buying not so obvious items.‍

Stackline, a retail intelligence and software company founded in Seattle, WA, conducted a study that covers 800 categories across retailers to find out what categories are the fastest growing and the fastest declining in e-commerce in the U.S.  

Key takeaways:

  • There is a surge in home fitness products including weight training equipment, fitness accessories, and yoga equipment as gyms and workout studios are forced to close. 
  • Many companies have implemented a work-from-home policy, driving demand for computer monitors, keyboards, and office chairs up.
  • Most travel has been canceled, causing declines in the luggage, suitcases, and camera categories. 
  • Cloths category has also declined drastically. 

In Poland, customers have also switched to online shopping.

The information collected by, the second-largest e-commerce website in Poland, shows that the number of online transactions has increased significantly in recent weeks in Poland. Google trends clearly illustrate the growth of interest in “zakupy online (shopping online)” keywords.

If during the whole last year the point of interest in “shopping online” estimated around 7 points, by April 4, 2020, it reached its peak with 100 points. 

E-commerce trends in Poland revealed that in the period from March 5 till March 23, 2020, Polish consumers mostly bought:

  1. Thermometers for children.
  2. Freezer.
  3. Dumbbell.
  4. Air purifiers.
  5. Laser printers.
  6. Desserts for little kids.
  7. Gamed to download for PC.
  8. Laptops.
  9. Paint.
  10. TVs.
  11. Fridges.

No wonder, electronic thermometers are the absolute leaders. The study shows that the interest in them in recent weeks is about 9,000 percent higher than in the same period last year. 

Customers are also more likely to buy devices that are typical office equipment such as printers, scanners, desks, and armchairs. It can be a sign that many Poles were not adapted for remote work and they had to adjust quickly.

ITKeyMedia, along with the biggest Polish online e-commerce platforms, is working on the creation of TOP 100 Fastest-Growing and Declining E-commerce Categories in Poland. We believe that data extracted for the report will help entrepreneurs make well-informed decisions and adapt better to the crisis. 

If you are interested to contribute or become a partner of the TOP 100 E-Commerce Categories in Poland, get in touch with us at

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