How to Find Out Whether a Text Is AI-Generated? by Artur Kurasiński


The post was originally published in Polish on Artur’s LinkedIn profile. Artur kindly agreed that we repost what we think is of great value to our readers.

Artur Kurasiński, Engineer, Serial Founder, Investor

How can you tell if a text is written by AI? Check out these 11 signs:

  1. Regenerate – If you ever see the phrases ‘Regenerate response’ or’”as an AI language model, I…’, then you already know that the text was generated by AI.
  2. Perfect Spelling – AI generates texts with flawless spelling and no spelling mistakes due to its extensive training data and lack of human error.
  3. Lack of explicit opinions – Unlike humans who may have a clear opinion, AI tends to be too neutral, avoiding bias.
  4. Triple D’s – AI loves calls to action using the words Delve,’ ‘Dive,’ and ‘Discover.’
  5. “Unlock” – Artificial intelligence likes the word “Unlock” or “Unlock” especially in marketing texts.
  6. Avoiding Inversions – An inversion is reverse order in a sentence. AI struggles with this.
  7. No wordplay – Artificial intelligence does not play with words, same as it doesn’t use erratives, i.e. deliberate mistakes for expressive effect.
  8. Punctuation – The limited use of parentheses and hyphens is another tip. People like varied punctuation, but AI sticks to simpler syntactic choices.
  9. Obsolete Phrases – AI uses hackneyed phrases like ‘in today’s world.’
  10. Often Exaggerates – Especially in sales/marketing texts. The themes are boisterous, inflated. Calls to action will include phrases like ‘Take your x to the next level.’
  11. Emoji – AI-created posts have tons of emojis that are meant to ‘build sentence appeal’ and look like a Christmas tree.

The comment section had a few observations to add:

Capitalization after a colon in languages other than English – this is also an indication that the text was written by AI.

Patrycja Dendor, President at the Polish Association of Business Women

Wishful thinking IMHO.

This spring, we had an abundance of tools to verify whether the text was written by AI. It turned out that you might just as well roll the dice and with the right prompts there is no chance to tell the difference. Especially with shorter texts.

Today, with a context window of 300 pages, you can upload all your posts, e.g. from FB, to the bot and tell it to write in this style.

Konrad Klepacki, Trainer and Consultant at GFKM – Gdansk Foundation for Management Development

I noticed the frequent CAPS LOCK and ‘worth adding’ or ‘worth mentioning.’

Natalia Traczewska, Marketing Officer at Fundacja IT Girls

AI also often suggests confirming information with other sources, particularly official ones.

Kinga Siemieniuk, Marketing and Business Development Specialist at DLA Piper


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