Modern Robin Hood won the Imagine Cup

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An educational mobile game that controls single-celled organism, a cooperative game about the modern day Robin Hoods, and a game that teaches to create games – ideas of students from Łódź are in the top four games of this year’s Imagine Cup.

Two teams from Lodz University of Technology won places on the podium of the national finals of Imagine Cup 2016 in the category Games, and another team from the University was just behind the podium – told PAP Lodz University of Technology spokeswoman Ewa Chojnacka.

The winning team Unicell created a mobile game with educational elements: “Unicell Manager”, in which players control a single-celled organism. The game objective is to carry out the process of cell evolution by managing its internal structures.


“The complex stages of this process: a building of new organelles, digestion of food into molecules and the storage of molecules are presented in an accessible and interesting form, due to which the game has a strong educational value while being an excellent entertainment” – assure its creators.

The game offers a variety of solutions that make each game different from the previous one. It contains, among others, a system of goals and awards, as well as trading cards that improve the player’s actions.


Members of the Unicell team are students of the Faculty of Technical Physics, Information Technology and Applied Mathematics, Lodz University of Technology: Kamil Kozłowski, Mateusz Miągowski, and Jakub Rogalski, as well as Igor Derbis from the University of Computer Science and Skills in Łódź. Unicell has become the national team and will represent Poland in the world semi-finals of the Imagine Cup competition organized by Microsoft, which will be held online in May.

The cooperative game “Komo & Nik” is a project of TeamWithoutRepo. Players play as characters Komo and Nik – modern Robin Hoods, and their task is to take illegally acquired objects from the wicked and give them to those in need.

“Due to the dimensions of items, players need to work closely together moving them so as not to damage them, unnoticed by the enemy. The task is easier with the senses of Komo and Nik enabling rapid identification of the mission objectives and objects that can distract an opponent” – the authors describe their game. TeamWithoutRepo members are Dariusz Bartczak, Mikołaj Druszcz, Łukasz Sobczyk and Cezary Wojciechowski.

Team Raisin’, which was just on the podium in the finals, created the game “Nested”. Their project enables the acquisition of knowledge in a new way: playing learns to make games. “You play as Samantha, a high school student who checks a new way of learning by placing students in a video game. Our goal is to find the answer to every question a novice game developer” – emphasize the authors.

The members of the Raisin’ team are students of the Faculty of Technical Physics, Information Technology and Applied Mathematics, Lodz University of Technology: Bartłomiej Dobrowolski, Jakub Dziedzic, and Jakub Wujek, as well as Mateusz Kaczoruk from the Catholic University of Lublin.


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Modern Robin Hood won the Imagine Cup