P2P NFT Lending Trend by Mykhaylo Romanenko


Mykhaylo Romanenko, the co-founder of the global fintech ecosystem and cryptocurrency exchange Kyrrex, reflects on the emerging trend of NFT-backed loans.

The NFT market evolves and I see only positive outcomes for peer-to-peer lending. This feature is a great indicator of how NFTs are required to be deeply implemented into the whole ecosystem.

Now, holders can temporarily lend their NFTs in exchange for a loan. This allows individuals to unlock the intrinsic value of their assets without losing ownership or missing out on potential future gains. Peer-to-peer NFT lending represents a paradigm shift in the NFT landscape, offering numerous advantages for collectors, investors, artists, and the community at large. From unlocking liquidity and diversifying investment strategies to empowering artists and enhancing security.

It is something we are achieving, combining different industries and features to create a platform where each crypto project or possibility could be a part of something bigger. As I see it, peer-to-peer NFT lending is a step in the right direction to understand how great ideas shouldn’t be used for only one or two purposes.


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