Places to Find VCs’ Contacts by Artur Kurasiński


The post was originally published in Polish on Artur’s LinkedIn profile. Artur kindly agreed that we repost what we think is of great value to our readers.

Looking for VC financing and don’t know how to reach these people? I’ve prepared a list of 12 places where you will find information about Venture Capital companies in Poland and globally:

  1. List of Polish VCs – This database was prepared by Inovo Venture Partners and contains information about Polish venture capital companies.
  2. Another List of Polish VCs prepared by the initiative of Szymon Janiak. There you will find current investments, planned, and contact to funds.
  3. A MamStartup Article – Not a sheet, but an extensive article with a description of VCs and their planned investments.
  4. OpenVC – A list of 4,000+ VC companies, completely free. First-hand data is marked as verified, so you know it’s reliable. You can send a cold email to most VCs through the platform and interactions are checked for quality and match, so VCs don’t get spammed and good founders are more easily noticed.
  5. Gritt – A huge list of investors available to everyone. You can download your search outcomes as a spreadsheet.
  6. Mercury – Founded in 2017, Mercury has quickly become a go-to depository for American startups. Their list includes the most active VCs investing in the Pre-seed and Seed stages.
  7. DocSend – One of the best solutions to send your pitch deck to VC. Additionally, they keep a list of active VCs in the US – completely free.
  8. EuroVC – Managed by Yannick Roux and Stefano Bernardi, two European investors. This list includes 700+ VC companies that invest in Europe and Israel, as well as some interesting charts and diagrams.
  9. First Round – A free database run by First Round Capital. You need to register to access it, but it’s worth it – 356 companies, sorted by location, investment size, and several other filters.
  10. Unknow – A list of 100 VCs that invest mainly in the Baltic States, complete with topics, check size, and portfolio.
  11. Mountside Ventures – This resource tracks forms of VCs that have recently raised funds and are most likely actively investing. They focus mainly, but not exclusively, on the UK.
  12. Ventroduce – A fundraising platform that focuses on European SaaS companies. Their list has a small number of funds, but it contains a lot of information about each of them and is downloadable!

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