Polish Startup Creates an App for the US Health Workers


Apps for healthcare concerns and caring have recently become popular and more widely used in recent years with the widespread use of smartphones. Apps that contain features such as some of the best NDIS software and algorithms for assisting individuals with care needs are arguably particularly useful. This has also recently led to companies developing technology and apps that can also assist medical professionals. Many organizations that are similar to Sermo (https://www.sermo.com/business/business-insights/) can be seen not only creating apps for medical practitioners to connect with, but they have also arranged options where they can connect to talk and discuss business and medical insights. This is especially important in areas of healthcare where, at the moment, people are unable to do business as they normally would. For example, pharma companies are still in need of reliable sample accountability services that enable them to continue this important work and keep research and development of new medicines running so that they are able to care for patients.

  • Immersion, a Polish startup, commissioned by the American government, has created a platform that will train medical personnel in the USA.
  • The application aims to increase the safety of doctors and standardize the knowledge of how to use PPE (personal protective equipment) in all states.
  • The application will also be available in Poland.

Immersion, a digital development studio that deals mostly with the implementation of AR and VR in business and entertainment, has developed a training application for the US government. Its main purpose is to provide instructions on the use of protective clothing and to unify medical knowledge in hospitals in all states.

The project was created in cooperation with the Alliance for Innovation Polish American Foundation and the United States Department of Veteran Affairs. The Foundation connects Polish and American partners in order to establish cooperation and develop innovative science, business, and culture projects.

The US currently has the largest number of people infected with coronavirus. Hundreds of thousands of doctors are involved in the fight against the pandemic, and around 20% of them could be infected. Being the only line of defense for medical workers, masks and other protective equipment plays a crucial role in the fight against COVID-19.

The US government was looking for ways to standardize the rules in order to be able to train people on the front lines who are exposed to direct contact with infected people every day.

‘For this reason, there was an urgent need to create a quick and effective course in the use of protective clothing, i.e. masks, protective capes, gloves, and others, because their improper use is one of the main causes of illness among medical staff. Our application allows you to familiarize yourself with the procedures of using protective clothing in a few minutes. And the interactive form of training makes it easier to remember key information,’ Immersion CEO Piotr Baczynski explained.

Four days to create the application.

The WebGL app provides an interactive avatar training that consists of 12 steps for donning and doffing personal protective equipment.

Watch the TRAINING.

A 16-person team of Immersion – comprising developers, 3D modelers, animators, and UI designers – consulted with experts at the Veteran Affairs and managed to design most of the currently used app within just four days.

Polish medical workers also need the app.

The number of infected health care workers in Poland is also growing. According to Immersion CEO, once translated, the application will be sent to Polish doctors by the Supreme Medical Chamber.

In fact, developing countries require such an app as well. In Ukraine, for instance, over 2,000 medical workers are infected. The stat says that every fifths person sick with the virus is a health worker in Ukraine.

For years, Immersion has cooperated with entities in the USA. The company has already created, among others a learning application with NASA and another app for the Museum of Natural History in New York.


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