Unicorn Battles 2022 Resume! New Dates for FinTech Battle and Cup Finals

  • The interrupted Unicorn Battles are back with new dates
  • FinTech Battle will take place on April 7, the startup applications are closed, but guest tickets are available
  • Cup Finals will take place on April 14 with the finalists of the six previous battles, guest tickets are also available

Startup.Network and Unicorn Events resume Unicorn Battles 2022. The regular series of battles was supposed to last from late January through all February before wrapping up on March 3 2022 in the Unicorn Cup Finals. Only five battles happened as the event was interrupted by the Russian military offensive against Ukraine on February 24 2022. Since a significant portion of Startup.Network’s employees and activities are located in Ukraine, they had to postpone the remaining Battles – namely, the FinTech Battle and the Cup Finals.

Adapting to the new circumstances to a possible extent and revealing great resilience, the organizers announce new dates for the remaining Battles The FinTech Battle will take place on April 7, and the Cup Finals will conclude the Battles on April 14. Both events will take place in Zoom.

FinTech Battle

The list of contestants for the FinTech Battle on April 7 has already been finalized, so – unfortunately – startups can no longer apply for this battle. The select contestants are:

  • Alpha Impact from Singapore – a social media for crypto traders
  • Arena Master from Georgia – a tokenized play-to-earn mobile game app
  • Brickken from Spain – an open blockchain protocol for the tokenization of assets
  • Coinmatic BV from the Netherlands – a cryptocurrency investment platform with increased user-friendliness
  • Dolo Finance from the USA – a protocol for DeFi business loans
  • Expediente Azul from Mexico – a KYC automation solution provider
  • Gemba from the UK – an online banking service targeting startups that need to embed transaction solutions
  • Hamilinden.com from Turkey – a lending platform for SMEs
  • Mark ID from Lithuania – a cross-platform identity verification and eSignature gateway
  • NIFTY Souq from France – an NFT platform for artists from MENA countries
  • One Donation from the USA – originally a solution for deducing regular charity donations from payrolls that eventually added a variety of additional features

As usual, the jury for this battle will represent different countries, including:

Guest tickets are available at the official event page.

Cup Finals

On April 14, the winners of the past battles will cross swords at the Unicorn Battles 2022 Cup Finals. They will include:

  • Gals Bio Ltd – an Israleli HealthTech offering devices for monitoring women’s health
  • Gravity The Studio – a British blockchain startup offering custom NFT fashion and apparel items for metaverses
  • Insurights – an American AI platform operator analyzing and advising on healthcare plans and services
  • Margik – an American manufacturer of multifunctional organic materials for consumer electronic devices
  • Recharge Health – a Norwegian manufacturer of red light therapy devices that alleviate pains
  • The Leaf Protein Co. – an Australian manufacturer of protein from leaves
  • Vocal Image – an Estonian app for voice training and therapy

The list will be amended by the finalists of the FinTech Battle.

The aforementioned Mr Soroka, Ms Luo, Ms Aguilar, and Mr Zanko will reprise their roles as jury at the Cup Finals. Other jury will include:

Interested audiences are welcome to purchase a ticket here.

You are also welcome to catch up and watch the past battles of the series at their respective pages:

Startup.Network is a global association of investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals, designed to facilitate the mutually beneficial networking between participants. Startup Battles are one of the means for the network to connect promising startups with interesting networks. They are the Network’s regular offline or online events where select startups present their solutions before the industry leaders as jury and an audience of up to 125k+ industry leaders and enthusiasts from 65 countries.

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