Axios – Half a Million Dollars for a Newsletter by Alexander Gornyi


Axios, the American startup of the day, is a selection of email newsletters on serious topics: politics, business, and such. Its overall audience amounts to 2.4 million subscribers, it mainly monetizes through ads, although it also has paid subscription.

Axios positioning is ‘ we make the smart smarter.’ We protect you from informational noise, we only send the most important. Some say it was them who invented today’s subheader format ‘Why it is important,’ ‘What of it,’ and the like.

The startup’s founders are journalists and not entrepreneurs. Before launching their own startups, they wrote in similar format for some major media. The legend has it that during Axios’ first years. The flagship newsletter was written by one of the co-owners, and the other one took part in topic selection. The drama of the story is enforced by the fact that the letter gets sent to the subscribers in the morning, meaning that it had to be written at 4 AM.

Today, the startup’s revenue is about USD 100M per year, 40 dollars per subscription – incredibly much for a news outlet. To make it perfectly clear, it turns out that Axios earns on every reader as if they had subscribed to a paid newsletter and not a free one.

The company announced that it’s being sold recently. The business got valued at about USD 500M.


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