BeReal – Social Media for Sincerity by Alexander Gornyi


Today’s social media forces people to lie. Users take pretty-looking pictures with ideal backgrounds and optimistic underwritings even if their actual lives leave much to be desired. By breaking this unwritten rule you can only do harm.

But we also want some sincerity! At one point, this want gave birth to the concept of stories. ‘No need to show off here, it’ll be gone in one day, just be yourself here,’ Snapchat came up with it and others adopted this new feature with this specific reason in mind. But now people are making their stories look pretty too.

BeReal, the French startup of the day, gives humanity a new platform for sincere self-expression. The startup’s key idea is the suddenness of the photos. Once a day every user receives a push: ‘send a photo now,’ and the person has 2 minutes to photograph something. This timing won’t allow you to go to a studio, apply makeup, and naturally, BeReal doesn’t have filters. You have to be sincere. And you can’t send another post on the same day. The rest is pretty much the same as with others – friends and newsfeed. A relatively unique feature – the photos get taken from two cameras at once and then united into a collage, but that’s by far not the secret to a future rise or fall.

BeReal is already two years old, during this time it has boasted about three rounds of investments without ever announcing their amounts. In July, its app was the most frequently downloaded in the USA, 24 million people have downloaded it globally.


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