CaptivateIQ — Salespeople’s Earnings by Alexander Gornyi


The post was originally published in Russian on Startup of the Day. Alexander kindly agreed to republish what we think is of great value to our readers.

The standard payment to a salesperson includes a commission from sales. The calculation formula can be infinitely complicated: with different types of deals, thresholds, basically any factors. It usually gets calculated in Excel which means that the process demands manual labor and leads to error. The accountant or the boss suffer, the salesperson gets upset because of under-calculated earnings.

CaptivateIQ, the American startup of the day, automates the payments. It syncs with accounting systems, extracts data from them, and calculates, calculates, calculates, Everything is prompt, precise, convenient. Plus the interface puts out pretty-looking charts and reports. The salespeople are happy and efficient: they spend their time on clients and not on double checking their monthly paychecks.

It’s easy to implement the tool – both the managers and the employees are happy about such automation. No sabotage should occur. The financial outcome of using CaptivateIQ is also expected soon – the salesperson spends more time on clients, and it pays off.

The startup brought in USD 100M in this January’s round.

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Translation: Kostiantyn Tupikov


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