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The post was originally published in Russian on Startup of the Day. Alexander kindly agreed to republish what we think is of great value to our readers.

Back in 2018, I highlighted Cera, the English startup of the day, but today it is an essentially new project under the same name, so I might as well highlight it anew. Technically, the business idea is an Uber for medical care workers. The person registers, goes through basic training, and begins to receive tasks on where to go and whom to assist. There are many products like this in the world, Cera didn’t invest anything new here.

Its innovation is in its promotion. The startup positions its services as a replacement for hospital admittance. The hospital no longer needs to occupy its lacking beds with non-critical patients. The hospital no longer needs to send its even more lacking nurses over to such patients’ homes. All that the hospital needs to do is strike a deal with Cera, and its care experts will come, clean up, help, and monitor the use of medicines. They will also enter all the symptoms in the app so that the doctor can follow the progress of a disease.

he startup doesn’t publish the list of diagnoses for which the hospital admittance works like this. It seems like COVID was a perfect example, but it’s just a thought. Today, without any pandemics, Cera serves 15 thousand people per day, which amounts to approximately 10% of hospital beds in the UK. Recently, the company brought in GBP 130M of investment, it claims that this will help reach 100 thousand visits daily.


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