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0 experts to present Big Data and deep learning accomplishments at Silicon Valley and Dublin conferences

On April 6, 2016, Robert Bogucki, Chief Science Officer at, will discuss the company’s recent win in the global NOAA Fisheries’ Right Whale Recognition competition during the GPU Technology Conference held on April 4-7 in Silicon Valley, CA. GTC is the largest and most important event of the year for GPU developers around the world addressing topics in Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, Virtual Reality and Self-Driving Cars.

Hosted on the Kaggle platform, the Right Whale Recognition competition challenged teams from around the world to develop ways to identify individual North Atlantic right whales (whose population has dropped to less than 450), based on aerial survey photographs. Robert will discuss the team’s convolutional neural network-based solution which beat out entries from 363 other teams. The talk will be held today (April 6) at 10:30 a.m. in Room 210H of the San Jose Marriott, at 301 S. Market St., San Jose, CA 95113.

Robert is a dual major holding Master degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Warsaw. He is the Chief Science Officer at and lead the company’s machine learning team which won the NOAA Fisheries’ Right Whale Recognition competition. He started his professional career as a software engineer at UBS and later joined Warsaw-based IT-firm CodiLime. Robert currently manages’s R&D team with a focus on deep learning and mathematical research, he is also a successful Kaggle competitor.

“This presentation will give us the opportunity to present one of our machine learning team’s biggest accomplishments to a broader audience. We are experiencing rapid growth in the field of deep learning and look forward to sharing our experiences with other members of the data science community,” said Robert Bogucki. “Our team has numerous other accomplishments in machine learning and deep learning, including placing sixth overall in last year’s Kaggle competition for classifying the severity of diabetic retinopathy in images of retinas, or our most recent victory in the AAIA’16 Data Mining Challenge for predicting seismic events in coal mines. We are very pleased that we are being recognized by the Conference’s organizers and have the opportunity to inspire others with our work.”

Hadoop Summit 2016 Dublin, Ireland

Piotr Lusakowski, Senior Software Engineer at, will lead a session on Cooperative Data Exploration with IPython Notebook at the Hadoop Summit 2016 in Dublin. The presentation will explore ways in which simple sharing of data and results can limit the amount of CPU/RAM used by teams of data scientists. Additional information about the session is available on the blog. Piotr’s presentation was selected as one of the top vote-getters during Community Choice voting by members of the Hadoop Summit Europe community. Piotr will speak at Hadoop Summit 2016 on April 13 at 17:00 in Wicklow Hall 2B of the Convention Centre Dublin (Spencer Dock, North Wall Quay, Dublin 1, Ireland).

Piotr, a Senior Software Engineer at, graduated from the University of Warsaw’s Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics, and Mechanics. The majority of his work is focused on developing’s Flagship product: Seahorse. Seahorse is an Apache Spark-based intuitive visual environment which allows your team to build advanced data-processing workflows without the need to write any code. Workflows exported from Seahorse are production-ready and easy to deploy on Apache Spark clusters. Find out more about Seahorse here. is proud to be a Silver Sponsor of the Hadoop Summit Europe 2016 in Dublin, Ireland. If you are still considering attending the conference, take advantage of’s 20% discount code (16DiscSpon20d) during the online registration (available through Friday, April 8, 2016).


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