Docplanner Teaser by Artur Kurasiński


The post was originally published in Polish on Artur’s LinkedIn profile. Artur kindly agreed that we repost what we think is of great value to our readers.

How does one conquer foreign markets? What is there to learn from the first Polish startup with the unicorn status?

Supposedly, in order to be successful, you should look for those who have already achieved it. Then you need to convince them to share their experiences and draw as many valuable conclusions as possible.

Together with Krzysztof Domaradzki, we decided to take this first step for you, and in our latest book Startupowcy, we tell the story of Docplanner.

Here are a few inspirational quotes that are an introduction to this story full of advice, emotion, and experiences:

  • “We were close to saying, ‘Okay, maybe Poland is unique and this business can’t be built abroad. Or maybe we just can’t do it.”
  • “The beginning of our acquaintance was disastrous. I sent an email to Albert Armengol, the owner of Doctoralia, and he replied not to contact him again. It was rude and unpleasant. I thought, “If that’s the case, I don’t give a damn about you, I’ll find another way to enter the Spanish market.”
  • “By joining forces with Doctoralia, we have opened ourselves up not only to Spain, but also to Latin American countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Chile. We probably wouldn’t even try to enter them ourselves, because these are not typical directions of development for Polish startups, and certainly not for businesses that require strong local representation.”

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