Donate Your Computer To Digitally Excluded Students

  • A few Cracow-based companies initiated a campaign that aims to provide children and teachers with computers and laptops, enabling online education for them. 
  • #DajżeKompa starts in Cracow but is looking to scale up to other Polish cities.
  • If you want to donate your equipment – just fill in the form

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, students switched to online education. Unfortunately, not all children and not all teachers have access to a computer or tablet. #DajżeKompa (English: Give a computer) is an initiative meant to fight the digital exclusion in Poland. 

If you have unnecessary computer equipment, give it to the needs of children or teachers. 

Przemek Berendt, CEO at Talent Alpha, came up with an idea of #DajżeKompa a few weeks ago. In a LinkedIn post, he invited companies and individuals to join forces in a project that aims to help children who are digitally excluded in COVID-19 times. The feedback was great, and three weeks later Przemek announced #DajzeKompa.

The initiative has been supported by the Crakow City Office, Poland Business Run Foundation, InPost, FIXIT SA, BKode, SSW Pragmatic Solutions, Talent Alpha as well as private individuals. 

Over 30 people worked on the initiative and created a solution at a record pace that: supports the entire exchange via the website, 

  • provides professional service and disinfection of transferred computers before transferring them to beneficiaries, 
  • ensures that the equipment will reach children who really need it,
  • does not generate costs associated with the shipment of equipment for a donor, 
  • allows you to transfer equipment fully legally in terms of the law, tax, and GDPR. 

‘We start from Krakow, thinking that we will expand the campaign to other cities. In Krakow alone, we want to provide children with at least 1,000 computers with Internet access. We are looking for people who will organize the initiative together with us in other cities,’ 

How to donate your equipment?

  1. Apply for participation through the website.
  2. Prepare the equipment you want to transfer (clean from private files)
  3. Pack the equipment and send the package via InPost parcel locker. 
  4. The organizers will do the rest. They will make sure that the equipment is quarantined, disinfected, prepared for the needs of on-line tasks and of course they will deliver it to people who need it. 

Notice! It’s not a rental service, the equipment will stay with the beneficiaries forever. The organizers will also deal with all legal and tax issues.

‘At a time when the virus locked us in homes, not all children and not all teachers have access to a computer or tablet. In response to this problem, companies supported by the City of Krakow and the Poland Business Run Foundation initiated the # DajżeKompa campaign. First, in Krakow but we are looking forward to scaling up,’ InPost CEO Rafal Brzoska commented on LinkedIn. 

Read more about Rafal Brzoska’s approach to crisis management.

Check your closet or warehouse, is there any working unnecessary equipment? Contact us at if you need any support or information about this initiative. 


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Donate Your Computer To Digitally Excluded Students