Duckie Deck’s creative workshops for children


Over January and February 2016, Duckie Deck, a Krakow-based startup with the mission to teach children through play, is organizing a series of free creative workshops for the 4-10 year-olds.  

Playing to learn – this is what is actually hidden behind the term “edutainment”  – something that Duckie Deck – a Krakow startup, has been mastering for over ten years now. With the clear goal to support a healthy and well-rounded development of the youngest technology users, the company has managed to create an environment that truly engages kids and fosters their ability to learn quickly and effectively.

What can children find there? Duckie Deck is mainly a world of games and apps that boost curiosity and creativity, inspire asking questions and encourage looking for answers. Young explorers are educated mainly through experiencing, as the games are filled with many colorful characters, there are doctor games, eco-games, painting games, engineering games, house games, toy games and more to choose from.

“At Duckie Deck we create smiles. Over eight million toddlers and preschoolers have played our We cover important topics, from brushing teeth to sharing with others – things that are essential for a healthy and well-rounded young mind,” says the company in their website.

Besides the huge variety of preschool learning games, Duckie Duck has also to offer events and workshops. In June 2015, to celebrate the Children’s day, Duckie Duck in cooperation with PIXERS, the world’s largest base of wall decorative products, organized Kid’s Fest, which proved to be a great success. Now, encouraged by a number of kids interested in such events, as well as the positive feedback, the startup has kicked off a series of free creative workshops, called Duckie Deck Academy. They take place in Warsaw and Krakow.

“Duckie Duck Academy was created to meet the needs of parents – it was them who first inspired us. Then, we decided to take the step ahead and try to involve kids from all over the country,” says Marek Przystaś, the co-founder of Duckie Deck Academy.

Both the Academy and the workshops are a great opportunity for learning and playing that extend beyond the virtual world. Numerous stands with interactive games and creative products, robots, coding workshops, a chance to take part in a match or create a toy – this is all kids need to experience the fun side of technology and design.

No wonder that many well-known companies decided to support Duckie Deck. Among them, we can find: Microsoft, PlayerStracyjkowo, hub:raum, LOFI Robot, Cortland, and more. Ministry of National Education took the honorary patronage under the Duckie Deck Academy.  


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