Empik Music Spotted a Niche on Polish Streaming Landscape

  • Empik has introduced a new music streaming service for Polish residents.
  • Users can pay offline at the Empik stores for their subscriptions.
  • One month is free if you want to give it a try.

Empik, a Polish commercial chain that sells books, international press and media products, has launched the Empik Music app. Now Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal should monitor their new rival in the Polish market. 

Over the years, Empik has established a strong expert position in the Polish music market when it comes to physical media, such as CDs, DVDs, and vinyl records. ‘This allows us to participate in creating new customer trends and influence culture enthusiasts’ expectations. One of them is surely the digitization and directing the attention of listeners to new ways of consuming music. Thus, from now on, we give listeners access to the collection of several million songs, available in the Empik Music streaming app,’ Empik commented for ITKeyMedia.

At first glance, it might seem that the newly introduced application Empik Music won’t be able to compete with the giants like Tidal or Spotify. However, things are not that obvious when it comes to those Poles who are new to music apps, conservative, in some sense, and prefer compositions by Polish artists. 

Empik Music key features 

We know Polish music like no one else. Empik has played an important role in the music market for several decades now, has witnessed its transformations and the birth of new stars and voices. Therefore, we feel like we can adequately identify the musical tastes of our consumers,’  Empik replied.

The key features are:

  • Polish music expertise, dedicated playlists created by leading Polish artists; the database also contains Polish songs delivered by e-Muzyka, including less-known Polish bands.
  • Users can pay for the app offline in the Empik store. In addition, the staff at Empik stores will help with the installation and configuration of applications on customers’ smartphones.

Currently, as much as 38% streaming service users come from larger cities, and Empik wants to change that. 

‘Unlike other products of this type, selected subscription options can also be paid stationary at the cash register of Empik outlets,’ Empik says in its blog post


If you are already an Empik customer and log in to the application with your empik.com account, the application will analyze the history of your music purchases on empik.com and on this basis will prepare the best-tailored recommendations.

What devices to use for Empik Music?

Empik Music requires a mobile device with Internet access and equipped with the iOS operating system (version 12 and newer) or Android (version 6.0 and newer) to function properly.

Empik Music is available only for Polish users.

Having an active Empik Music subscription, you can use the app both in Poland and abroad.

However, the purchase of Empik Music subscription can only be made by residents of Poland who have a payment card issued by a Polish financial institution, an account at one of the Polish banks, or can pay in one of the Empik stores. 

The purchase of a subscription or its renewal after its expiry is possible only from the territory of Poland. 

60 days for free (for the loyal ones)

In the standard 1-month package, the first 30 days of using the application are free. In addition, Empik offers the option of choosing packages for 3-, 6- and 12-months.

Empik Premium subscribers can activate the Empik Music application for up to 2 months for free. Find the details here

We are optimistic about the number of app downloads and active Empik Music users. We hope to be able to celebrate the success of the app at the beginning of next year. Yet, we are currently at the initial stage of development of the Polish streaming service, so we will further develop and adapt it to the needs of our users,’ concluded the company representatives. 


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