ForLogistic Is Fixing the Warehousing Industry

  • ForLogistic is a Polish platform for short-term warehouse rentals.
  • The platform is entirely automated and allows for the complete phasing out of contracts and lawyers.
  • Each facility is verified and transactions don’t happen until both parties have confirmed that the keys have been delivered.

Transporting something from point A to point B might be one of the oldest problems, and we’ve done quite a bit to address it – but it’s still not perfect.

In particular, the warehousing and spedition industries still have a lot of kinks to iron out, specifically ones pertaining to a short-term rental.

The Polish company ForLogistic has stepped up to solve that problem, offering a marketplace for safe and quick short-term rental. Their approach to thinking about the commercial real estate market has made them a pioneer among Polish companies providing comprehensive short-term rental services in a relatively short time.

Andrzej Rudko, the founder of ForLogistic, says that “Thanks to the development of an innovative formula, we found the answer to one of the most difficult questions: How to eliminate “dead periods” for the property owner and how to make sure that the tenant’s warehouse space can also be rentable for shorter periods – even for 24 hours.

Andrzej Rudko, ForLogistic Co-Founder

Andrzej Rudko, ForLogistic Founder

ForLogistic is the first warehouse renting platform in Poland and Europe based on the principles of the sharing economy (or co-warehousing). So far, renting warehouse space has required signing a contract for three, five, or even more years. Finding a warehouse to rent for a year has up to this point been a very time-consuming and often unsuccessful endeavor. 

Andrzej adds that “The world is changing too fast to allow yourself to be slow to act and sign contracts for periods you will never use.

One of the main benefits of ForLogistic is the fact that it’s entirely automated, making for a very quick resolution when searching and renting space – without unnecessary negotiations or arranging documents with lawyers. The entire technical background is intuitive and eliminates the problem of browsing hundreds of mismatched objects. After determining the demand, the system can propose ready-made solutions, and the process of renting space could take as little as 10 minutes.

ForLogistic Promotional Still

The ForLogistic Platform

The company’s other founder, Albert Lis, told us that “Each facility undergoes a two-level verification process: authorization of documents confirming the right to use the space, and compliance with the necessary documentation. Neither party bears any financial risk, either. Until the keys to the warehouse are delivered, the funds are held by an independent, authorized financial operator.

Albert Lis, Co-Founder at ForLogistic

Albert Lis, Co-Founder at ForLogistic

He believes that ForLogistic is creating a real evolution in the field of commercial real estate rental. 

The main goal, for now, is to increase the business’s profitability and show the possibilities that short-term rental provides. ForLogistic plans to level the chances of all enterprises, filling their vacancies and depriving them of unnecessary space maintenance costs. 

Klaudia Markowska, Key Account Manager at Jartom Real Estate, one of ForLogistic’s current partners, is also confident in their prospects.

Klaudia Markowska, Key Account Manager at Jartom Real Estate

Klaudia Markowska, Key Account Manager at Jartom Real Estate

At JARTOM Real Estate, we have been looking at the needs of customers working within the large-area warehouse market for thirty years. ForLogistic’s activities involve the still overlooked and extremely important aspect of the short-term rental market and the development of smaller spaces in partially occupied halls.

Although COVID has been a bane for the shipping industry, they are convinced that co-warehousing will be rapidly growing in popularity. The dynamics of the warehouse market mean that the demand for this type of space is growing. According to them, ForLogistic has found an answer for clients interested in this sector within the Polish market. They believe that this is a revolution that will grow in strength – that in ForLogistic, even the smallest entrepreneur will be able to find their space.

We appreciate the innovation and flexibility offered by the ForLogistic platform, the automated process of leasing smaller warehouse spaces, and the fact that the whole system runs extremely efficiently, even for shorter rentals. ForLogistic is introducing a product to the warehouse market that has already been successful in the residential market for many years. A young and determined team found the idea to develop a niche that is too small for big players, but gives plenty of opportunities to those who want to automate and streamline their process.

So far, they are convinced that their cooperation will continue to develop – their current one is going well. 

With everything that’s been going on, many industries have come to realize problems with how the whole system works – the transportation industry is the lifeblood of industry itself, but low optimization of both its internal and third-party processes have lead to innumerable losses of currency and manpower over the years.

ForLogistic’s solution is one that seems obvious in retrospect, but they are nevertheless the ones that have pulled through. It’s also just really exciting – the best way to solve a problem in the now is always to focus on optimizing what’s already there, as opposed to offering something entirely new that hasn’t been implemented yet.

And that appears to be exactly what they’re doing.


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