Freshly Launched TypeLess Speeds Up Data Entry Up to 90%

  • Cluj-based startup TypeLess presents its proprietary AI-powered data extraction and entry automation
  • The service can be used as a stand-alone desktop- or mobile-based feature or integrated into legacy system via API
  • TypeLess’ plans include improving low-quality input recognition and geographic expansion to several EU countries

The Romanian city of Cluj is known for its vibrant startup ecosystem. Some of the well-known representatives include Telios Care (whom ITKeyMedia covered), as well as a significant part of the proactive fund Fortech Investments’s portfolio. In late 2022, the city saw the launch of Typeless – a B2B SaaS for AI-powered automation of data extraction and entry.

The Beginnings and Car-Related Personal Pain

Catalin Crisan, the startup’s founder and CEO, has 10+ years experience in the IT industry working with data. There was an episode in his life that triggered the idea of Typeless.

Catalin Crisan, Founder and CEO at TypeLess

‘I was selling my car, and a buyer popped up from nowhere at 8 o’clock in the evening wanting to buy it. For those who don’t know, in Romania there is some paperwork that needs to be done in order to complete the transaction and in most cases people go to a specialized office that prepares all the paperwork for a fee. At 8 o’clock in the evening, such offices are closed, so it’s easy to imagine that the task became a challenge. Finally, we found someone willing to open at this hour for a special fee. After this episode I realized that all that person did was copy and paste information from the car’s and our documents into other standardized documents,’ Mr Crisan recollects.

AI to Streamline Data

The solution that he and his team came up with is a cloud-first AI-based tool that understands documents – it is able to extract the data and fill it into predefined fields from documents/web forms or other systems. TypeLess leverages proprietary AI to streamline common business processes in several industries like accounts payable in finance, extracting identity-related data from passports/id cards to streamline and automate document creation.

For example, TypeLess streamlines the sales intermediation process in the real estate industry. It helps real estate agencies to capture client data and generate the intermediation contracts with a simple picture taken with the agent’s phone camera. According to the startup’s numbers, it can speed up the work up to 90%.

Verticals and Languages

Mr Crisan insists that TypeLess is suitable wherever manual paperwork involves human resourcing. However, the company selected three industries that it deems the most promising at the moment:

  • accounting
  • HR
  • real estate

‘We are addressing more and more industries where no or maybe very few companies offer document intelligence automation,’ Mr Crisan tells ITKeyMedia. Insurance and healthcare are TypeLess’ next stops.
As for languages, TypeLess can deal with almost 50 of them – from the most popular ones and all the way to Somali (Arabic and Latin), Swahili (macrolanguage), Nepali, and more.

Flexibility and Integration

TypeLess is available as a stand-alone solution or as an integral part of solutions already in use. The solution has both a desktop and mobile version and can have its own interface or be integrated with already existing systems.

‘It takes only a few hours to personalize and implement it. Our API can be easily integrated with any existing solution, transforming that solution into a ‘system on steroids’ from a productivity perspective,’ Mr Crisan explains.

TypeLess at Work

‘We are already integrated with CRM, ERP and purely accounting systems. Some of them are quite specific and heavily used in the Romanian market, like Saga accounting software. Some others are quite unique, developed internally by our clients. TypeLess flexibility allowed for a quick and easy integration,’ the founder continues.

Plans and Ambitions

In terms of product development, the company plans to add data augmentation capabilities when the user input (document) is low-quality. For example, when merchant or client information is not clear enough from an invoice/receipt, the system will try to make a ‘best guess’ on who that entity might be as a suggestion to the user.

TypeLess other ambitions include geographic expansion to DACH, the Netherlands, and Italy. The startup aims to achieve it through strategic partnerships with local agents and group companies that can operate internationally.


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